Monday, June 15, 2009

Unimportant Yet Happy

After a hard day's work, I dashed in before even changing clothes to catch up on my daily reads and to put my post on for today. I had my clock set this morning to get up really early and blog before I left, but I am sooooo sore from working out Saturday and I was too tired to get up. I hit the off button and slept a bit longer instead. I can't believe how sore I am from only one class. I must've used muscles that haven't been used since I was like 12. It's absolutely ridiculous. I can't even sit on the toilet without moaning. It's kind of embarassing, especially when I'm in a ladies restroom with other ladies present. They probably wonder what the heck's going on in my stall. Oh, well. Maybe they've been to a similar class before.

My blogger friend, Karen from Karen's Korner, tagged me for my very first time as a blogger! I was excited. I actually enjoyed the topic, too. She tagged me to list six unimportant things that make me happy. I was thinking about it today during my deposition. I decided that if it weren't for all of the unimportant things that make me happy, I might be a down and out kind of gal. I could think of so many unimportant things that made me happy. It was hard to list only six, but here they are. And as A Girl Named Kelly Kelly always does, they're listed in no particular happiness ranking order.

1. Sleeping on fresh, clean sheets.
2. Being off on Fridays.
3. Folding warm laundry right out of the dryer.
4. The way Smokey and Bandit curl up in a ball to sleep.
5. Having a freshly cleaned house, car, pocketbook and any and everything else.
6. A good hair day.

Y'all know to play tag, I'm sure. Now I tag six others and they have to list six unimportant things that make them happy. So. . . I'm tagging:

My Auntie Cynthia at
My Auntie Brenda at
My blogger friend, Karla, who lives in Washington at
And Karla's mom, Joyce, who is also my friend and lives in Washington at
Dena in Iowa at
Laura in Texas at

Thank heaven for unimportant things. They really do make me happy. How about you?

Till tomorrow.


Karla said...

I'm sure I can come up with 6 of them..... the laundry is a good one. :)

Theresa said...

Good post! I enjoyed listing my 6 when I was tagged! Have a wonderful evening and maybe some bengay for the muscle problem? Love you!

Cindy Lou said...

Thanks for the tag!!! I have never been tagged before so I am so excited!!! I will have my list for my blog tomorrow!!

Nana said...

Those were good ones. Your toilet story is great. I hate it when you are that sore.

suzanne said...

I wasn't tagged and I don't have a blog, but I want to list six things that make me happy that are unimportant (although who's to say what's important and not important?)
* Sleeping L-A-T-E
* Looking at tabloid/entertainment/makeup blogs
* Chocolate!
* Jason's truck coming home from work!
* reading a magazine while taking a hot bath
Sooo many more things, but you get the idea.

doublegranny said...

When I think of 6 things un-important that makes me happy: There are so many!!!
1. the sweet smell of your body after a shower
2. Seeing baby birds in a nest
3. Seeing little children playing
4 The smell of a new car
5. Seeing older men and women holding hands in a store
6. Clean fresh sheets with high thread count!!!!!!

Crystal said...

I'm gonna try this, six unimportant things that make me happy.....
- when it's 4:30 Mon-Fri
- walking into my bedroom and my bed is made up
- the smell of fresh cut grass (oh, the memories)
- opening the fridge door and seeing that there is a cold diet coke
- talking to Ethan on the phone (he still sounds like such a sweet little boy on the phone)
- the smell of fresh brewed coffee on a winter morning

Wow, that was harder than I thought it was. I guess when I started my list I realized most of the things that make me happy are IMPORTANT rather than UNIMPORTANT!! Love you!

Tanielle said...

Ooh nothing better than clean sheets!! What a fun tag, I enjoyed reading your answers, and hope the soreness goes away soon!:-)

Joycee said...

Kelly, Come on over to GrannyMountain and pick up an AWARD! Love your blog...
joy c.

Joyce said...

thanks for tagging me! I'll post it this morning!


I loved reading your six. I really could have come up with more than six and I do hope you will try out Mangarelli's since it is so close to your house. I am planning on taking my daughter and her hubby soon...they will love it.