Friday, June 12, 2009

Should've Stuck With the Fries

My trash picks up on Thursdays. Now, here in Georgia, where it can get pretty hot, trash that sits out in a closed can in the baking hot sun for a whole week can get pretty foul. And that's keeping it in blog friendly language.

Having a mild case of OCD, I like things neat, tidy and fresh inside and outside my house. That outdoor trashcan has been on my nerves since the weather has gotten warm. Every time I walk past it, yowsa. So. . . last week after my trash picked up, I disinfected the cans first with Clorox and then with my favorite lemon Pine Sol. You could've eaten out of my trashcan. Well, maybe not, but it was pretty clean. Every time I opened it to put trash in it, ahhh, the fresh aroma of lemon Pine Sol greeted my nose. I decided that I would disinfect it each week, or worst case, every other week, on Thursdays when the cans were empty.

The downside to having a fresh trashcan is that now I'm very, very picky about what I allow to go inside it. I want it all to be in bags. No loose trash. And preferably, no smelly trash. (Yes, my family thinks I've gone off my rocker.)

Case in point. Jeff and I went to Chick-fil-A last night. He worked from home yesterday and cleaned the house for me. We decided we'd just have a cleaning lady every other week. And it really was his turn. (He tried to dispute me on that one.) But even better, y'all, he CLEANED THE CARPET!!! He's the best. But back to Chick-fil-A. Neither of us wanted to go inside to eat. We got it to go and just ate it in the car in the parking lot. I always get a number 1. That's a sandwich, fries and a drink. I only eat a few fries usually because they're not that great to me, but last night I was in the mood for cole slaw.
We order our food and are actually given the slaw AND the fries. Okay, whatever. While we're eating Cam calls from home wanting us to bring Joseph and him something to eat. We finish our food and drive through again. I'm thinking, okay, good, I can throw away this stinky cole slaw in their trashcan and not have to stink up mine at home. I had only taken a couple of bites of it and they give you a bucketful.

When we're almost home, I look down and realize that I forgot to put the bag with the stinky cole slaw in the Chick-fil-A trashcan. I ask Jeff if we can go to the store up the street and put it in their trashcan. He, of course, says no. He tells me I can put the lid back on the container, blah, blah, blah. I pick the bag up and tell him that the lid is in the bottom of the bag and the slaw is probably spilled all in the bag. In short order, he tells me tough luck.

Cam comes out to get their food when we get home. He's wearing his swimming shorts. I start yelling at him for wearing a wet bathing suit in the house. Big no-no. He says it's not wet. When I feel him, he most certainly is wet. I hit him with the bag with the stinky cole slaw. The bag rips open, the stinky slaw goes all down my leg, all over my flip-flop and all over the garage floor. My 15-year-old cat comes over, but she apparently doesn't eat cole slaw.

After sweeping it off the garage floor, rinsing my leg, my foot and my shoe, I very tidily put the bag and the remnants in a grocery bag and tie it up and put it in my disinfected trashcan.
Joseph, who is not used to this kind of craziness, is eating when I come back inside. He coyly looks up at me and says, you missed a spot. I look down and there on the back of my calf is a big blob of slaw. Yep should've stuck with the fries.

Lots of my family are traveling this weekend. Suz, Crystal and I are taking ALL of our kids, except Ross, to Macon this morning to meet Luke and Libby. They're all going to Ocmulgee State Park in McRae, Georgia for the Second Annual Kimball Campout. Luke, Libby and Bobby get a cabin that's nicer than my house and have all the kids for the weekend. They swim, fish, cook, play games and have a really good time. It's so sweet of them to do it. I know it's a lot of work. Last year they had T-shirts made for all the kids. It's awesome. Suz and Jason are going to Gatlinburg, Tennessee after dropping the kids off. They're taking advantage of no kids and having a little getaway. And, of course, my Aunt Cynthia and her family are heading to the seashore. I pray for safe and fun journeys for all.

TGoodnessIF. Till tomorrow,


Cindy Lou said...

I am so sorry about the cole slaw all over you but...I can just imagine how you were!! SOOO Funny!! I am looking forward to my trip!! Happy Friday and I love you!

Theresa said...

Yuck... I don't like cole slaw, makes me gag! I don't like loose stuff in my trash can either. I moved my garbage can out near my outer garage to keep the stink away from the house. I don't have a garbage disposal so it does get a little stinky after a week. My garbage comes on Monday so I clean out stuff from the fridge that I shouldn't have put in there in the first place, so it only has to be there overnight. I tried one time to put stuff in a coffee can and freeze it then put that in the garbage but I would forget it and yuck... Anyway, hope all the children have a safe and fun weekend and those parents will behave themselves:) Love you and have blessed day!

suzanne said...

OK, whatever.. I'm glad Jeff put you in your place on that. That really ups your craziness factor! Just kidding (sorta). We put anything and everything in our trash can outside, and surprisingly it doesn't stink too terribly bad. We're lucky because we have two so we can rotate them out each week. One stays WAaaayyy up the hill and then the other stays at our house. Just a tidbit of trash can information for you.
Love you lots and see ya soon :0)

DeAnna said...

Now I want some fries! You are funny gal and I kow hat you mean about swimsuits in the house! Have a great weekend!

The Southern Mom said...

Too funny! Sounds like something I'd do. And...I was just thinking about doing the same thing to my garbage can (we get ours picked up on Thursday, too!). But I'd have to have a HAZMAT suit on to do it! Stinky and toxic!

Jill said...

Well I know I shouldn't laugh but I can't help myself. Yup.. you should have stuck with the fries. You could blame it all on your hubby for not finding you a trash can... lol

Joyce said...

I write LOL alot but don't really mean it. When I read your post about the slaw, I seriously DID laugh out loud. It wasn't a daity little laugh either. It was loud. Papa thought I was nuts! Great story! Thanks for giving me a laugh!!!

Laura said...

I started laughing in the first paragraph! We are all alike and all crazy!


We should all be on a reality show.

I love Mr. Clean Meadows and Rain with Febreeze.

I could wear it as perfume.


LOL...I love this post. I am not a big cole slaw buff. I usually get the fruit cup. I can't stand a stinky garbage can either. I also wanted to tell you that I tagged you on my blog. :-)