Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Life's a Beach

Hey again from Hollywood -- err uh, I mean Tybee.
We went down to the pier last night and they had the roundabout roped off with yellow caution tape. There was a crowd of people milling around, so naturally, we joined in. Although we really had no clue what we were waiting/looking for. Finally, I decided to use my God-given wits and ask what was going on. Miley was expected to arrive any minute. After about 30 minutes, she did arrive. In a GMC/Chevrolet vehicle of some sort with an elderly lady. I actually got a very good look at her in the car when someone must've turned the inside light on. She looked like she was in the backseat. Cute as ever. Unfortunately, though, when she got out of the SUV, this was one of three pictures I was able to get. The other two look about the same.
Such is life when you're five feet tall. It seemed like everyone in front of me was tall with kids on their shoulders. Ugh.

The pier was closed Monday and Tuesday. That's not good for four guys who came down here to fish. Monday they pretty much stayed inside and watched TV and slept. But yesterday, I was proud of them. They got up and made some lemonade out of their lemons. They went down to the beach and surf fished for several hours.

Here's Cam holding the stingray that Justin caught. He threw it back in the water.
The Captain Ross. He caught some small things; a couple of small shark and some other kind of fish.
This was an unusual fish that Justin caught. Ross couldn't remember the name of it. It was really small, very oily and had lots of little teeth.
J.B., the buddy Ross brought with him, reeled this big one in. As y'all can tell, the fishermen didn't provide dinner for us last night. The surf fishing was a bust.

But I sure thought they were cute trying. Even though they loaded up first with tanning lotion, then later with sunscreen, the tops of their doll feet still got burned. They wouldn't listen to the voice of experience when "SHE" tried to tell them to put sunscreen on the tops of their feet. Boys. They turn into men, you know.
It was another scorcher, but yesterday there was a nice ocean breeze. We stayed on the beach the entire day.When we got ready to come up and run grab a cheeseburger from the Sugar Shack, who BTW, has very, very good cheeseburgers, this is what was behind our car. The boys' fishing wagon. And they were nowhere in sight. Of course.

They clean up nicely, don't they?
They've kept the condo mostly tidy. So far we've only had a few condo mishaps. Some shrimp that was for bait leaked in the freezer. That smelled nice. And a Diet Coke froze and exploded in the fridge. But thanks to my OCD buddy, Nan, I've been introduced to Clorox cleaning stuff in a spray bottle. It cleaned all of that mess right up. Actually made the fridge and freezer look better than before the mishaps occurred.

I tossed and turned last night. Everytime I woke up, I'd say a quick prayer for the pier to be open. When I looked and saw they were gone this morning, I thanked the Lord for answering my prayers. They are there and they are fishing and they are catching fish. Hallelujah.

Even though Ross's phone got dropped in the ocean.

Till tomorrow, my blogger friends and family. LLL.


Barbo said...

Kell I dont usually yearn for the beach but lordy mercy yall are making it look so good. I love fishing off piers. Maybe I will win lotery. Tell the guys to keep fishing there have been some big fish caught there Love ya,ll

Cindy Lou said...

I am so glad that those guys are getting to fish!!! Maybe tonight they will be able to provide dinner!! I am glad you are having a good time!! Love you lots!!!

Theresa said...

Good to hear from you! Your boys are sooooo handsome, clean or dirty! I hope the rest of your vacation will be smooth sailing:) Love you!

Renee said...

Spending the whole day on the beach sounds so wonderful. My hubby isn't a beach person so we never get to spend that long on the beach.

I am yearning for a beach vacation (hubby prefers to do other vacations) and your blog is letting me do it vicariously.

Crystal said...

Why do we love the ocean soooo much when critters like that are in the water? Makes you wonder don't it! I'm glad that the boys finally got to get some fishing done. Took Ethan swimming at your house last night and you will be pleased to know that all is well. I dipped out a few bugs that thought they might like a dip in the pool but then didn't make it back out, turned on Mr. Bossy after a brief lesson from Jeff and then fun was had by all. Just wondering, y'all been to the Breakfast Club yet??? Yummmmmmy!!!

tracychele said...

Glad your guys finally got to fish, although my kids would be camping out looking for Miley! It looks like you guys have had good weather. You deserved that! Hopefully we will get good weather next week. Have a great day!

suzanne said...

Didn't get to comment yesterday 'cause some people have to work for a living :0)
Loved all the pictures; I agree your boys are handsome clean or dirty. Everyone looks all sunkissed and happy!! Good times, baby, good times.


I have loved your beach trip...I am sorry about the Hannah Montana issue...but thus is life. When I was living in West Palm Beach...I was an hour late for work...because of Burt Reynolds...and my boss was furious...with me....she apologized when she found out he really did hold up traffic for about an hour...filming a portion of his movie Gator. was a pain in the rear. Have fun at the pier.