Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Alayna

Ten years ago, the world was blessed with a pink bundle of joy! Alayna Suzanne Parks was born. Our lives haven't been the same since.

The spring before she was born, Suz and I planted all pink flowers in honor of the first baby girl our family had. It was a great year for flowers. No drought or anything. They were beautiful, but not nearly as beautiful as she was.
I have two sons and four nephews, but only one niece. And she is like a daughter I never had. To be only ten years old, she already holds the key to so many hearts. I feel sorry for the boys she brings to Sunday night suppers. They'll be scrutinized to the hilt I'm sure.

She's kind beyond normal, sweet and thoughtful. She always has a hug and a kiss for me. And she's never too busy or too preoccupied with her friends to say hello and give me that hug and kiss. She has lots of friends and a busy social life. Very smart and disciplined, she's always the teacher's favorite. She's growing up way, way too fast. My daddy told her Sunday night that she'd need a pretty red Corvette for her 16th birthday and that he'd buy her one. She has him wrapped around every finger on her pretty little hand.

Seems like only yesterday we were on the porch at her little house in Stockbridge celebrating her first birthday.
This was when her favorite movie was Monsters Inc. She loved the character Boo. She even favored little Boo. Suz cut her hair and then she really looked like Boo.
She loved her baby dolls. Her all-time favorite doll was Corella. My heart aches when I look at these pictures of those sweet little girl cheeks.
And here's my beautiful young niece today. She looks an awful lot like her mama. But yet, she looks different to me, too. I don't see as strong a resemblance as a lot of people do. I think it's because I love them both so much and they're so individual to me.
I always say that hopefully she'll take care of me when I'm old and gray (and from the looks of me in the above picture, it might be sooner rather than later). She really is a very, very special girl.

We're celebrating her birthday tomorrow night with a trip to Stone Mountain for the laser show and a picnic. They're taking a bunch of her friends and I can't wait. I've got to get all my vacation preparations done beforehand so I can go. I wouldn't miss it for the world!

Happy 10th Birthday, NaynaPie!

Till tomorrow, LLL.


suzanne said...

Whew! That was a teary-eyed post for me to read! I've been waiting all morning, because I knew it would be a good one.
BTW, you had some "long" hair on her first birthday, no?
I don't know why God blessed me with such a sweet child. I don't deserve it.
But love you lots anyway!

doublegranny said...

Happy Birthday too!!!! She is a beautiful girl and very well mannered. She is on her way to being a young lady and have Suz some grandchildren!! Suz probably says Hey wait on that but time does fly by. Love you all

Theresa said...

Glad I checked one last time before getting out! I'm with Suzanne on the teary eyes! She is a precious child and I know how much she is loved by all of you. I do see so much of Suzanne in her especially as a child! You all enjoy each day as I know you do. Love and hugs to all and Happy, Happy Birthday to Alayna! Oh yeah and you don't look at all like you'll be needing any help as you look like a spring chicken. It is so funny that we are picking out who we want to take care of us. You gotta find someone interested in halling our old tales to the mall! Autumn promises it will be her, I got a bunch to help, so perhaps one will take me. I'll have to go shopping:) at any age!

Jill said...

I am pathetic! I can't read posts like this without crying! I have a relationship with my oldest niece Mikayla. I do have two girls but before they came there were many years when she was my only girl. I feel like I gave birth to her myself.
This was sooooooo sweet! You should print this post for her and save it for when she gets older. :)

Crystal said...

Wow! Doesn't time fly by tooooo fast? I swear it seems like yesterday that Alayna and Ethan were just little many memories of the two of them and they just keep making more. I'll never forget the day that we took her and Ethan to Wal Mart to have their pictures made together and Alayna was sitting there one second and the very next she was headed straight for floor! I caught her by her dress!! Alayna was a perfect little lady from the beginning, while I had the whiny, crying all the time baby, she was always so happy and calm. I can remember when we took all the kids to Tybee one year during Spring break and I was soooo jealous how Alayna could sit up by herself and would play with the little basket full of toys while Ethan on the other hand was too busy crying to do anything! They were not even one year old I believe! She is a very special little girl with a special place in all of our hearts and a very special heart of her own!

Cindy Lou said...

Ok twice now on vacay I have cried once with Alex and Avery and then with this post!!! Happy Birthday to that precious little girl!!! I just can not believe she is so grown up!!! :( Those little girls are always so precious!!! Have a great day, I love you!!!


What a sweet post. I have a cousin's daughter who is like my own. I adore her and she adores me. After I read your post I called Ramona and told her I loved her. She laughed and asked me whose blog I had been reading. You and Alayna do favor. It is the eyes. Both of you have eyes that seem to look into someone very soul. Have fun and kiss her once for me on her birthday!

Joyce said...

That is a beautiful blog! I think she resembles you a bit! Look at the eyes! She is gorgeous!
BTW.... Kevon always was going to take care of me and put me up in a "wing" of his house. Well, he doesn't have a "wing" yet... and now he says I have to be 80 before he will take care of me. So, I am looking at my grandkids and scoping out my possibilities there! lol! Hey... I got 10 to check out!