Saturday, March 21, 2009

One Purple Hyacinth

Jeff and I went for a walk late yesterday and yep, it does look like we made it. Spring is here! The flowers are gorgeous in everyone's yard.
Everyone's yard that is. . . except for mine!

Peter Cottontail and Bambi have been making regular visits to my yard and helping themselves to the tender new flowers that have been trying so hard to come up. I saw Peter in my yard the other night and I was so excited because I think rabbits are so cute. Little did I know that he had been munching on my tulips.

Sadly, this is the only thing that I have in bloom in my yard right now. My tea olive trees have bloomed through the milder parts of the winter and even they aren't blooming right now. This is it girls. This is the only flower in my yard. And I must say, I may shed a tear. Or two.
After months and months of waiting for Spring to spring into action, this is what I have in my yard to enjoy. Over the years, the deer and rabbit have eaten most of my bulbs. What they haven't eaten, I'm afraid my kids have trampled on them with their feet and then later on with their truck tires and now, this is what I have left. One purple hyacinth. Look how trampled and chewed on its leaves are. Sad. But what a trooper it was to make its way up.
Every fall I say I'm going to plant tons and tons of bulbs so I don't have this left-out feeling when everyone else's yard is in full bloom and mine isn't. But usually by then, I'm so burnt out with my flowers I don't take the time to do it. Here in Georgia we have such terrible drought problems, and I have to pet and pamper my flowers all summer long. By the time I need to plant bulbs for Spring, the last thing I want to do is play in the dirt.
I'm making a note right this minute on October 1st, 2009 to go back and read this post. Hopefully, that will encourage me to go to Lowe's or Home Depot and get some bulbs so that I never again have to welcome Spring to the Kelly house with only one purple hyacinth!
Happy Saturday, y'all!


Theresa said...

Well, that is a beautiful flower even though it is the only one! I am going to share a flower with you and that is the big yellow swamp daisy that I had on my post for a while! There are some new ones sprouting up and I will bring it to Church tomorrow. It grows really tall so don't plant it in front of something you still want to see:) Leon gave me 3 yellow bell "sticks" last year and they are blooming, rose bushes have lots of new growth and day lillies and hostas are peeking thru the ground. You will have stuff coming up, just be patient:)
Love you and have a gorgeous Saturday!!!

Happy To Be said...

GM Kelly...but girl what a beautiful flower it is..Hey Lowe's had daffs 150 bulbs last year I got 4 bages and we didn't get them all planted until Nov and girl I will tell you they just started coming up on Thursday and what a show of color it will be this year...Now the rabbits don't like my daffs or iris but girl they will eat my tulips as soon as they see them..Now all my flowers I have to keep in hanging containers out of reach of the deer...and of course you know not to plant roses the deer love them..may you have a great weekend..hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

wendy said...

I love the spring flowers ----I wish they would last all Summer. Nothing is in bloom yet where I live. (dang)

Kelly said...

Yeah, but Wendy, when it's Christmas and all the songs are about snow, at least it's cold where you live. Here we're still in the '60s!

Kelly said...

Gloria, the deer don't eat too many of my summer flowers. They're too busy eating my husband's tomatoes! HA!

Leigh of said...

Hey Kelly! Thanks for commenting on my visit with Dust Bunny. I am in the process of adding pictures to my real post on our meeting, so be sure to drop in and check it out.
Speaking of bunnies, I hate that the bunnies are eatting away your spring floral! So sad. I dont know what to do about that, other than wrap chicken wire around it. And then that'd be very redneck of a yard look. I dont think you want that. Perhaps Lowes can instruct you to some ideas how to keep ol cottontale off the premisis. Maybe there is a plant you can buy as a deterent to plant among the hyacinth.
And lastly, speaking of hyacinth...I LOVE those. Dont they have the most wonderful smell? I think of my grandmother when I smell them.

Jill said...

The first sign that spring was here for me was my allergies acting up. Along with the flowers comes the sneezing and along with the flowers come the never ending weeds! AAAACHOOOOOOOOO!
I do love spring! Thank goodness for medication!

jennifer said...

I love that you are using this post to remind you to buy bulbs in October.

Hey! Take this and repost it and schedule it for October 1, 2009 in your drafts LOL!

Our yard had NO flowers.