Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bored & Boring

Things must be pretty boring around here because I can't seem to think of anything to write about today. I guess you could look at that in a good way and think of it as things are going pretty well. I mean, boring can be a good thing too. Being bored can also indicate that you don't have anything pressing to do. No one is sick. If I'm bored, usually, my house is clean.

The problem is that sometimes boring can also be feeling unmotivated. That's kinda where I'm at this morning. I've got a few things to do around the house, but I don't really want to do any of them. They're not super important, so I'm just pushing them to the side and complaining about being bored. That makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

We got an e-mail from Doc's on Tybee. Y'all know that's one of our favorite places to hang out down there. Tybee is having its first citywide spelling bee. Doc's has got a team and they need a couple more people to fill their team. It's the first weekend in April. Oh, how I would like to go. I can spell purty good. I think I wood be a good purson for their team. Even if I caint be on the team, I'd shure like to go to the beech.

I have a job in Macon this afternoon at 2. I can't believe how many road trips I've had to make in the last month. Thank goodness gas isn't $4 a gallon anymore.
Here's a big Happy Birthday to my brother-in-law Ronnie. He turns the big 6-0 today! Nan's having a big party for him Saturday night. And it's being catered by none other than. . . LaParilla! I'll have pics for sure.
Y'all have a great Thursday!


suzanne said...

Too funny! I beyt theyd lyke to have you in theyre speling bea!!
Bored here too.
Love ya lots :)

Theresa said...

Well bored girls! I have had a busy day but have been bored most of the week. Had lunch with my step-daughter, repotted a plant for Cynthia and cut all the grass! The little girls are coming while Austin has football practice, so I am sure I WILL NOT be bored this evening:) Alex asked her Mom if Ganky could watch them while Austin practiced and Alex called with that sweet little voice and asked me. Of course I said Yes Ma'am! It has been a beautiful day! Love you all!