Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Shared Obsession

Because my pain in the neck hurts just as much if I'm sitting or standing, walking or laying flat on my back, I decided to go out today and get some much-needed therapy. Retail therapy that is. And when it comes to retail therapy, there's only one person I need to see, and that's one of my BFFs, Suz. So I drove 50 minutes to Buford and got my fix.

We never have enough time. We've shopped more than 12 straight hours before, and we just can't get enough. Inevitably, we'll run out of money or we'll run out of time before we run out of the desire to keep on shopping. It doesn't matter what or who we're shopping for either. We just like to shop.

Today we spent a lot of time in one of our favorite stores, Sephora. If you love makeup, this store is like paradise. They have it set up where you can sample everything and they have all the newest stuff out and it's just the absolute best place to shop for makeup.

As you can see from the two pictures above, I'm not really in need of any makeup right now. I mean, I have lots of lipsticks and lipglosses and lots of eyeshadows. I have my MAC foundation that I love and use Clinique blush and Cover Girl mascara. Those three things I don't really shop for. But the eyeshadow and lipstick and lipgloss is another story altogether.

Suz, in my opinion, really needs to seek professional help in her obsession with lipgloss. Seriously, y'all, she probably has 200 lipsticks and lipglosses. That doesn't include the ones that she's given to Alayna. She's constantly in search of the perfect lipgloss, which as of today, she still hasn't found. But that's okay, though, because it gives us an excuse to keep on shopping.

Here are the latest purchases I got today to add to my makeup collection. A lipgloss palette with three creamy shades, a Tweezerman eyelash curler to carry in my purse, a new pink lipliner, an eyeshadow duo with a peach and plum color, and a small bottle of nail polish.

After we shopped for several hours, then we met Jason and the kids for supper at Cabo's, which is a Mexican restaurant. I think I ate. My stomach feels full. I have less money in my wallet than I did when I got there. But for the life of me, I can't tell you what I ate. That's kinda the way it is when you eat with three kids all talking at once and you're not used to it. Between Alayna getting cheese dip in her hair, Eli wanting to lick Reid and Reid wanting to eat ALL of the ice cream on the dessert they were SUPPOSED to share, I enjoyed it anyway, just like I always do. Her kids are like my second set of kids.

Now that I'm home I get to play set up Cam's new cell phone. Yippee for me. He is so like me. He wants what he wants when he wants it. So I must oblige him if at all possible or there will be no peace in this valley tonight.

I gotta make a long road trip tomorrow for work. I've got to go to Cedartown, which is about an hour and 40 minutes from my house. Someone got hurt while working at a chicken processing plant and now they're suing somebody. I yi yi. Those kind of depos make me gag.

Y'all have a good evening! I'll talk to y'all tomorrow.


Theresa said...

Glad you did something fun with someone you love! Be careful on your trip tomorrow to chicken pluckers kingdom:) Love you!

Jill said...

That's a ton of makeup I think you have my sister beat! Shopping is so much fun but it gets me in trouble.

suzanne said...

I had a ton of fun today... always do when our debit cards are getting exercised and we're together!
I wish I had a way to post a picture of all of my lipglosses/lipsticks. I could show some of those makeup girls on youtube how it's done. But I WILL eventually find the perfect lipgloss. Persistance, baby!
Love ya much and hope you have a great chicken depo -- cockadoodledoo!!!

Barbo said...

Last time i got makeup it came from tracy. When i give out i will come shopping in your not so used basket. I say do whatever makes you happy because one day you will wake up with no shopping desire. LOVE YOU

Nana said...

Wow, what a fun day. I love makeup!! I love eating, the perfect day. I hope your neck is getting much better.

Hopefully the ride in the car tomorrow won't flare things up again.

jennifer said...

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I have gone private for a short time. It seems that my blog was HACKED. I am not sending out invites until I know exactly what to do. Just wanted to let you know that you are not being excluded from Dust Bunny Hostage :) "I'll be back!"

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

I LOVE makeup and I love Sephora (although Ulta is quickly gaining as my favorite makeup store) so your day sounds like a bit of heaven to me.

Looks like you got some fun stuff. (Jealous!)

Anonymous said...

I can get into some serious trouble by just walking into a Sephora. wallet screams when we get near.

Joyce said...

Where are you???? It's been 4 days and I am having Kelly Kelly withdrawals!!!!