Monday, March 30, 2009


I didn't go to church yesterday. That was probably part of the reason my day just didn't have a good feel to it. I didn't feel like myself. Since my surgery in October, I have had a lot of off days. Days where I don't feel just right. But yesterday was the first one I've had in several weeks. It served as a reminder of how far I've come.

My day started off with a broken nail on my hand with the really bad carpal tunnel. It was one of those really bad broken nails that leave you with a hang nail that feels like it rips all the way up through your nose. Add that to being on a finger that tingles constantly and you've got yourself a situation that feels really nice. It's still very sore this morning. I think I'll take some Advil.

Jeff had brought my summer clothes down from the attic on Saturday, so I knew I had the dreaded task of taking all the winter clothes and shoes from my closet and putting the summer stuff in. I promise you, it seems like only yesterday that I put the darn things away. Either the seasons are getting shorter or the time is going by faster. Not only did I have things in the attic, but also in the extra bedroom closet. Ugh. I'm putting a screeching halt to my shopping addiction. I MUST NOT buy any more new clothes. Well, except for a few new shorts or capris to take to the beach next week.

After messing in my closet for several hours, I was glad to go to my mom and dad's for supper. Mom had made meatloaf, which I love, which Jeff hates, so I never-ever make it. It was so good. Just the right amount of ketchup. My mom is the best cook in the whole world. It's kinda sad my kids will never say that. But oh, well. The best part of the whole night was when I walked in the door and Eli was playing in the floor in the kitchen and he said hey, Kelly. I was looking forward to seeing you. Y'all he's only 4.95 years old. He'll be 5 April 14th. Wasn't that mature? It warmed my heart so much. I missed seeing Reid because he had a ball game. Joseph and Ethan were still at their dad's, so I didn't get to see them either. I'm looking forward to having all the kids there and watching them play outside now that the days are longer and the sun's still shining almost the whole time we're there. Cousins are one of the best things life gives you, don't y'all think? I know I sure enjoyed being with mine growing up. Still do.

Then after everyone else had left, my boys and I stayed for a good while longer. I love to just sit and talk with my mom and dad with Ross and Cam. We have some good laughs and come close to solving a lot of the world's problems during those Sunday night visits.

While I still love Fridays, I think I have a new favorite day of the week. It's got to be Sunday when I get to be with my parents, my sisters and their hubby or significant other, and my precious nephews and niece. And of course, my own hubby and kids.


Cindy Lou said...

I missed you yesterday!!! I put some of the preaching on youtube...chsimocy3! I can't believe that it is spring already! But I am so ready for the summer clothes!!! I can't wait to be able to have my children and grandchildren over on Sundays or some special day of the week that we choose!! I will just be glad to get Justin back home! Pray for him he has to go to A.P. Hill for some training. He will be gone for 20 days! Lots of Love!

suzanne said...

I missed staying late at mimi's. Jason and I are always the last to leave, but I just don't like driving so late alone.
Well, today is Monday, so I'll try to make the best of it, but so far, I'm a grump...
Oh, and no mention of Mimi's delicious cake last night? Melt-in-your-mouth good!!!!!


Jill said...

There is not much of a change in clothes for spring here in Florida but it is time to put away all the sweats for at least 6 months

Theresa said...

Doodlesnock, I missed this blog this morning! Spring is really here and I am so happy except for the pollen! I bet that cake was DElicious as is everything I have ever eaten that your Mom made:) Love you and I hope you had a happy day!