Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wasted Day, Wasted Night

Well, I have successfully managed to waste most of this day away. First of all, we can't get a Directv signal at our house. We can pay an additional $170 and get a pole put in our yard after we have the "Call Before You Dig" people come out and tell Directtv it's okay to dig a hole in the middle of the yard to put the attractive satellite on. Uhh, no thanks. Then being the ever stubborn, persistent person that I sometimes regretfully am, I called the Tivo people that we have our Tivo box through to see if they could provide us with a dual tuner DVR. Well, in so doing, they managed to charge me twice for a Tivo box that I don't even want. But, Ms. Kelly, we assure you it will fall off your checking account in two to three days. I yi yi. I'm sure hoping so. I don't want to have to jump through the phone and kick some Tivo booty. So we're sticking with our cable service, adding their DVR and my checking account is probably gonna be screwed up for the next three weeks. I endured all of that and wasted a perfectly good afternoon so that I can record stupid, ridiculous, phony, idiotic shows like The Bachelor, while Ross and Cam record romantic shows like My Big Fat Redneck Wedding.
If only. . . it were like 50 years ago when you had one TV set, if you were lucky. No such thing as a DVR, VCR, Tivo, HD or any other acronym that I have no idea what it stands for. Then maybe I wouldn't waste my time watching or recording The Dumb Bachelor.
Oh, and on a positive note, my Aunt Theresa has taken up blogging. She's sure to be great at it. She has a busy life and busy family. She'll have tons to write about and she makes lots of pictures. To visit her, go here.
Are y'all going to waste your night watching the After the After Final Rose tonight? I can't decide if I am or not. I've wasted the day. Should I waste the night too?


Anonymous said...

hello, i stumbled upon your blog and have been fun reading about your day - and life! I think cable is definitely the way to go! and by the way, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE tybee island, ga, too!!!! i'm so lucky to have it at my back door so to speak!

suzanne said...

You may as well finish the day up right and watch the After the After the Final Rose. I think he ditches Molly and goes back to Jillian! HA-HA!!

Theresa said...

We had a similar problem when we moved here. The dish was going to be as big as my car because of all the trees. So, we said thanks but no thanks and we have cable too. At my house we have TVs in every room so if I don't like what Mr. Honey is watching, I go elsewhere... Like yawn and stretch and go to bed a tad early:)

I haven't watched the Bachelor but tuned in a couple of times just to see what all the buzz was about. He is probably not going to end up with either of the girls because he is too wishy washy! I feel sorry for the little boy:(

Love you all and thanks for advertising my new blog!

Nana said...

Hey, I'm counting down the minutes for that stupid show to come on but, you know that already.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

What a jerk!
I have to watch the after the rose, after the rose show... I hope somebody knocks him down a peg.
Melissa should have kept that ring!

midlife slices said...

OMGsh, my son like My Big Fat Redneck wedding and I think it gives us Southerners a bad name and it makes me cringe. Who gets on tv and does that?? LOL I'm not a bachelor fan and glad of it, after seeing all the news flashes.