Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eleven Eleven

What is it with me and this number 11? Almost daily I look at the clock and it's 11:11. I can be at home, in my car, see it on a sign at the bank or something like that. It's just sooo weird. It's not my favorite number. My favorite number is 6.

Because this has been going on for a while and I've given it a lot of thought, I have managed to come up with some coincidences about the number 11 and me. I got married on 7-11. If you add the month and day of Ross's b'day 8 +3, well, that equals 11. If you subtract the month from the day of Cam's b'day, 19-8, well, that equals 11. I was born on 10-12. Eleven is between 10 and 12. Do y'all have a number that just keeps coming up over and over again? I'm just wondering because it just seems really strange to me.

I am feeling much better today. I still have some pain, but the muscle spasm seems to have loosened up a lot. I felt like someone had tried to put me in a wrestling move and my body froze in that position. It was awful. I'm so thankful the worst of it is hopefully over. I'm in my office at home working. I'm gonna try and make up for the two days I lost and get lots done. The pain meds and muscle relaxer don't knock me out like they do most people. I get a little drowsy, but not much at all. Yet another way I'm like my dad. It takes enough medicine for a large animal to affect me.

I finished a book last night. It was one that my sister-in-law, Nan, loaned me. It was written by Anita Shreve called Light in Snow. I liked the book okay, but I hated the ending. It left me with that "what the crap" feeling. I hate it when books or movies do that. I was really glad that I had finally finished a book and seem to be coming out of the book funk that I've been in. I even took my blogger friend, Karla's advice, and started a Jodi Piccoult book called Salem Falls. I can already tell that this one's gonna be a good one. I wish that she would use a bigger print in her books. The books she writes are so thick as they are, if she used bigger print I guess they'd be the size of a dictionary and so heavy you wouldn't be able to hold it to read. That wouldn't be very relaxing, would it?

Speaking of endings, I watched a movie while I've been flat on my booty called "The Changeling" with Angelina Jolie. I watched it on Pay Per View. Well, it was like two hours and 20 minutes long. I didn't get to watch it all at one time and the darn thing was gone before I got to see the last 30 minutes of it. I couldn't believe that happened, but that's just my luck with TV lately. I don't want to pay another $4.99 to see how it ends. Do any of y'all know what happens at the end? I left off when they were in court.

Just got word from one of my court reporter friends that Ross was chosen for jury duty. I know he's bummed about that. He was really hoping they'd pass him up. Oh, and good news. Cam gets his braces off next Wednesday! Can't wait to see that boy's brace-free smile again!

Hope y'all have a happy Humpday!


Theresa said...

Great to hear that you are feeling better! I have been away from the computer this morning but was thinking about you!!! Went to the dentist after going to Target and before going to Ross:) Now I am back home and need to be busy as a little beaver. It is a gorgeous day and I would rather be outside but got a lot to do inside.

Love you and yell if you need me!

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

So a girl named Kelly Kelly has a post called Eleven Eleven - I was starting to think I was seeing double!

One of the (many) things I love about my Amazon Kindle is the ability to change the font size on any book I'm reading. It's a really nice benefit if you're tired and struggling to see smaller print.

Glad you're feeling better!

Karla said...

You'll love Salem Falls, I promise and it's not even one of her best.

Barbara said...

kell go play your favorite number at the lottery store. When i won long time ago the number kept coming up in every thing I did. I am so glad you are feeling better. I dont like it when my loved ones feel bad. Love you

barbo said...

I think i mastered the blog sign in. I am now Barbo Love the blogs and youtubes. Love yall so much

Cindy Lou said...

I am so glad that you are feeling better! I hope to see you at church sunday!!I will be posting new youtube stuff from tonights service later!!! Go check me out chsimocy3! Love ya lots!!!

midlife slices said...

I just watched that movie like a week ago and can't remember the ending, except they do find the buried bodies and she does finally know her son is really dead. Does that help?

The Southern Mom said...

Sorry you were feeling bad...glad you're better! Yeah for getting braces off...I just got mine off 6 months ago!

Theresa said...

Just checking in on my niece to see how you are feeling! Hope you had a great Thursday!!!
Love you! Theresa