Tuesday, March 24, 2009


At 3 o'clock this morning, I was awakened by a horrible sound. One of the houses that's just behind mine and across the street burned down. It was awful. The homeowner is a young girl that just graduated from UGA and is a veterinarian. She got almost all of her pets out except for one cat. She couldn't find one of her cats. When she was fleeing her house, she left the door open, so maybe the cat ran out. Hope so. Her house will have to be torn down and rebuilt. The only things she ran out with were her animals and her laptop. And the clothes she was wearing. Please pray for her. I'm sure that being young makes this horrible experience even worse. She is blessed that her parents live in the subdivision too. At least she has a place to sleep.

After watching that house burn down early this morning, I couldn't sleep. I just kept thinking being prepared for that kind of situation. You know, your pictures, your important papers, stuff like that. Of course, you'd get your family and your pets out, but what about that other stuff. I have boxes and boxes of pictures. All my important papers are filed away in my office. Do y'all have all your pictures backed up on CD's? I do my recent ones, since digital cameras came into play. All my old ones from when my kids were little, though, are not. Do y'all have safe deposit boxes at the bank or some other place? If you do, what do you put in those? I'm just thinking that I need to be better prepared. I started thinking that if my house caught fire and burned down, my homeowners policy would burn up. I wouldn't even know who to call. Needless to say, I didn't sleep any after 3 o'clock.

I'm off to work this morning. Suz is sick so I'm covering a morning job for her. I'm probably in for a long day, which isn't good for me either. The pollen is really in full swing, isn't it. Thankfully, I think it's supposed to start raining tomorrow, so that should wash some of it away. We love the blooms, but we hate the pollen. We're picky people, aren't we?

Consider this a public service announcement on fire preparation. Let's get ourselves better prepared. Y'all help me out. Tell me how you are prepared.

Y'all have a good Tuesday. TaTa!


Theresa said...

How sad! Let me know if I can help when you find out what she needs. I am somewhat prepared. I do have a safe deposit box with important papers. Blogging has made me realize how many pictures I have and how bad I need to do something to get them organized. I have a fireproof safe that has all my CDs in it but the actual pictures are in a ton of different places. Tracy has duplicates of most of my pictures except for the really old ones. I am with you... let's get prepared. You never know one day to the next what is in store for you or your family! Love you, be careful and Hope you feel better Suzanne!

Joyce said...

Wow... that is horrible. I have tons of photos I scanned and put on my external hard drive I can grab... it's small enough but hold tons of photo's. I need to get other stuff together. I do have a fireproof lock box I don't use yet. I guess I don't have much of a plan. I have a photobucket account that I also have tons of photo's at. They are the most important things to me that aren't alive! I'll be praying for that young girl.

nikkicrumpet said...

That is so sad. I can't imagine the horror of losing all the things that are irreplaceable. I'm glad her family lives close...and I hope her kitty got out. Sadly we haven't really prepared to safekeep our pictures and important papers either. But at least I figure that my blog will keep some of the pictures I'd hate to lose.

Anonymous said...

I've had my share of fire experience lately. It does make you think about your own stuff. It's just hard to keep everything ready for grabs. I hope her cat is safe and glad she was.

wendy said...

wow, that is just horrible. I can't imagine having to experience that. what do you say----what do you do... makes you grateful and humble