Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Shop, Therefore I Work

Gotta make this a quickie. I've got to be downtown at 10 o'clock for a depo. For any of you who watch The Bachelor. . . What the Crap? That's all I have to say about that. Well, that and I'm no longer a Bachelor fan. I'll watch the After the After the Final Rose tonight, but after that I'm done. For real this time.

Last night at mom and dad's was good. My chili and corn dip were delicious. I made the recipe I posted a several days ago that was the two bean chicken chili. Man, was it good. And it's got to be good for you too. The corn dip, awesome. It was almost all gone. I put a few too many jalapenos in it for some, but they ate it anyway. We just drank a lot of diet coke. If you make this dish, don't make it in a dish that makes the dip too thick. It needs to be spread out kinda thin. I think it's better that way. I hope y'all are trying my recipes. Even though I don't cook very often, I do have some good receipes.

Jeff's yelling at me to go. He's working at home today because the Directv man is coming. My car's been warming up for a little while now. He's afraid I'll run out of gas. Yeah, right. I'll have more to say when I get home from my job.



Theresa said...

Be careful out and about! My home phone was out last night and this morning but not the internet, Praise the Lord! I can do without a lot but not that. I went on-line and did everything you are supposed to do to check it and yippeedeedoodahday... it is now working. I have cordless phones with several handsets that I just NEED to replace. The callerid hasn't worked in some time and I don't know about all of you, but you just HAVE to know who is calling. The economy is soooo bad that I am getting random calls from car dealership wanting to talk to Mr. Roach about the Escalade he inquired about. First of all, I do ALL the purchasing of vehicles so I knew right away that was a big fat joke. Callerid is a must have. Anyway, I guess I will be off to purchase a new set of cordless phones. I give anything a fair shot before ditching it, as Kelly said TaTa to these phones.

I also need another coffee maker. Mine just decided not to work one day last week and thankfully I had another in the pool house but now I need a new one and return the back up one out there. Coffee is another thing that I can't live without.

My husband and I spent the evening last night hanging out the upstairs window, throwing warm water on the build-up of snow on the roof. It was kinda funny:) When Marc was hanging out the window, I would hold on to his belt loop, like me weighing what I weigh and him weighing what he weighs I could keep him from falling down the slippery slope of the roof.

Well... this weekend is spring forward which makes you lose an hour and that really stinks. On the up side, it is going to feel like spring and even possibly summer.

Kelly was running short of time this morning but obviously I have plenty of it:) She shops so therefore she works, I worked for 30 years, so therefore I shop:),:)

Love you all and have a blessed day! T

Barbo said...

kell i am old and have never been so disappointed in a program as i am in the bachelor. M0lly better run like a road runner, this man is a undecided weirdo and he is so sexy that its heartbreaking. love yall

Happy To Be said...

Good luck at work today...do be careful girl with the roads right now...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

suzanne said...

Barbo, I, too, have never been so heartbroken over a TV show as the Bachelor. What a weirdo dummy! I am clearly a poor judge of character ;0(