Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It Can't Always Be Good

I always like to blog about good stuff. When we turn on the TV for news, it's not good. When we open our mail, usually it's not so good. When we look at the papers (if we do), it's not good. Radio, not good. But let's face it. The reality of living life is that the good comes with the not so good. Today I'm asking for prayers for some people in my life that really need lifting up in a big way. My great aunt's daughter, who is only in her 50s has liver cancer. She's at Emory and in a lot of pain. They're deciding what course of treatment to take with her. How sad is that? Too young. And my typist's mother, who is 83, also has liver cancer. She has taken treatment and the tumors have grown. Now she is faced with the choice of taking more treatment or not. That's sad too. Even though she's likely lived a full, great life, she's also too young. And keep in your prayers the young girl in my neighborhood whose house burned down.

I'm off to work this morning at 10 and 12. Hope they'll be short and sweet (kinda like me) hehe!!
If you need a laugh later on today, check out her blog. She does this great thing called I Wish Wednesdays. They always make me laugh.

Love you all. Happy Humpday!


Joyce said...

Said some prayers. Keep us informed. Have a good day, my friend!

Theresa said...

Yep, I like happy blogs too... but reality is just that and sometimes not so happy! Life is precious and that is why I don't take one day for granted. As soon as I hear whether or not Marie is still in the hospital, I am heading up there with a bag of goodies:) and a smile!!!
Love you and be careful on your journeys

Jill said...

Some prayers said for them. I hope you have a better day.

wendy said...

It is always so sad to hear these things. We could indeed apend alot of time on our knees in prayer. And I can't help but think, hey when I am 83, I'll still be thinking I got some good years ahead of me. ---I am grateful for prayers

Barb said...

Hello Kelly,

I'm just dropping in to thank you for visiting me this morning. If you ever decide you want to learn to crochet, trust me, it's very easy.

I will keep these people in my prayers - liver cancer is devastating and extremely painful. I agree that they're both too young, and it's heartbreaking to hear that anyone has lost their home to a fire.

Thanks again for stopping by,

A Chelsea Morning