Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why My Son Needs His Mom

Ross and Cam gave me this sweet book a few years ago. It's filled with 100 reasons why a boy needs his mother. I don't know why, but I just felt compelled to blog about this book and list a few reasons why I think a boy needs his mother, from my own personal experience as mom to two teenage sons. Well, technically Ross isn't teenaged anymore, but he still lives at home and goes to school, so I don't know what you would call him. Anyway, Cam got his braces off today, so we spent some quality (???) time together on the ride to the orthodontist office and then when we went out to lunch. I suppose that's the reason I feel the need to post on this subject.

Reasons a Son Needs His Mom (According to A Girl Named Kelly Kelly)

1. To teach him that cleaning and cramming are not synonymous. To clean your room doesn't mean cram stuff someplace.

2. To tell him that it does matter if the shorts he's wearing look like someone chewed them up and spit them out because they've been crammed someplace because he didn't follow Reason Number 1.

3. To remind him to brush his teeth before going to an appointment where he'll have several sets of hands in his mouth and have his mouth wide open for at least an hour.

4. To teach him the art of "waiting on a woman." That does not include telling said woman that she should have started getting ready two hours earlier!

5. To teach him the appropriate decibel in which to listen to music while driving or riding in a vehicle.

6. To embarrass him when the "mommy" in us can be supressed no longer.

7. Money.

8. And lastly, because she'll most definitely always be his biggest fan!

I was beaming with pride when I saw his teeth without the braces. I followed him from room to room in the ortho office. I know he was so embarrassed, but I couldn't help it. I just kept wanting to see his pretty teeth. He just kept saying gosh, mom, please. He's embarrassed me enough over the years, I figure what the heck, I owe him, you know.

I'm taking him and a friend to Panama City over Spring Break, which is in a few weeks. I'm sure we'll spend some more quality time together then. HA! I can hardly wait. He'll probably pretend he doesn't know me. That is until he needs some money.


Theresa said...

He is so handsome with or without braces! The advice is great, Why a son needs his Mom, but Kids will be kids:) Mine teach me that every day.. grandkids that is. Good luck on spring break with the teenagers. Take a good book and you will have to take notes for us bloggers, I am sure it will be extremely entertaining! Lu

suzanne said...

Cam looks so handsome braces-free!
He's come a long way from the little feller at two or three years old rolling his eyes with his chubby cheeks and curly hair...
I'm pea-green that you get to go to Florida for Spring Break.
Can I come? I won't take up much space, will hardly eat a thing, and I'll be real quiet and good, I promise. Think about it and let me know :0)

barbo said...

Kell Both oy your boys are as the girls would say HUNKS. I have been remembering lately and we are so blessed. We have no ugly children. I invited your two sisters to friends and families Sunday. I am so excited that I am out of control. I invited Becky, FUFU, my grandchildren. I better hush there wont be room for no more blogs. Love you and yours

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

What a cute post! As the mother of two (grown) sons, I can totally relate. Cam's teeth look beautiful! I'll bet he enjoyed that first lunch without them.

Jill said...

LOve it! Do they have a daughter version of the book. The answers would be somewhat similar! LoL

Anonymous said...

great post - i have two teenage boys - love having boys!!!