Monday, February 2, 2009

And the Beat Goes On

Well, folks, it's Monday again. But it's already noon and so far so good. . . That is, if you call a good old-fashioned scolding good! As I've briefly mentioned before, I've made a little job move. I can't go into detail about it here, but this morning suffice it to say that A Girl Named Kelly Kelly was scolded, but she kept her composure, dignity and Sweet Southern Girl personality all intact. After the scolding, I regretted that I had sent the rest of the Butterfinger Cake with Jeff to work today to share with his coworkers. I was gonna eat every last bite of it. I wasn't even gonna feel guility about it either. Oh, well, it wasn't here, so I had a boring sandwich instead. And the beat goes on!!!!!

Was there a game on TV last night? Didn't see any of it except the last two minutes. Funny commercials? Didn't watch a single one. The Super Bowl, to me, is muchado about nothing. But, hey, I think that generally speaking people like things out of the ordinary and look for reasons to celebrate and get together.

Tonight's Bachelor night. I can hardly wait. Jeff's b'day is Thursday and then we're off to Tybee Friday. Yippee!!!! Last week was tough and I'm excited about this week and looking forward to having some F-U-N!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday. Stay away from scolders and I hope you've got something to look forward to this week!


Theresa said...

Well... You want me to call someone and give them a good scolding, 'cause I WILL! Girl, I will open a can of whoop-ganky on them. Love you!

Kelly said...

Might take you up on that one my sweet Aunty!

suzanne said...

Well, at least you're not working on the deposition of Asha Odigie -Osazuwa waha waha waahh!!!
I am about to cry as the day goes on. Do keep me in your prayers as I try to muddle through this mess! HA!
that's all...