Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Makeup Blues

I've posted before how much I love makeup. I'm a bit of a makeup guru. Now, that's not to be mistaken to mean that I'm good with makeup, just that I like to spend money BUYING makeup. And I've got a ton of it. More true, I've given a ton of it away.

So why, oh, why have I got the makeup blues? This morning I'm trying my darndest to make myself somewhat "unsickly" pale. My eyes are bloodshot, my face is wrinkled and dry. My eyelashes have all but disappeared and I have at least 500 tubes of lipstick/lipgloss and I don't like any of them. The MAC foundation I normally use and always love is sticking in my wrinkles and making me look way older than I actually am. HELP!!!! I'm as ghostly looking as can be. So I try to use some "bronzer". You know, that's the stuff that everyone says will give you that "sun-kissed" look you so desire. Well, it gave me the "butternut squash-kissed" look I soooooo didn't desire.

And to make the matter even worse, my feet are still shrunk so my shoes still don't fit and I got turned around in a parking garage yesterday and had to walk 2.5 miles (joking) in high heels that were two sizes too big and my calves are killing me. I'm trying to cut some old hose to stuff in the toes of my shoes. Have you ever noticed that hose don't tear or cut well, unless you're NOT trying to cut or tear them?? If anyone out there in blog world has any advice for my shrinking feet dilemma, I'm all feet -- I mean, ears!

Happy Tuesday!


Theresa said...

Thanks for my morning chuckle! You are gorgeous and just wait a few years and you'll really have to be creative with those wrinkles:)like your Auntie:(

I don't know why your feet are shrinking but try perhaps a footie stocking with the toe stuffed? We just need to find you some tiny cinderella slippers!!!!!

Love you and have blessed day and a safe drive to Macon.

Barbo said...

Kell you are beautiful. I always heard each wrinkle represents a smile. love you i have a friend that uses preparation h for a night cream swore it worked