Friday, February 6, 2009

Livin' on Tybee Time

And it doesn't get much better than that. We had a safe ride down last night. Note to self: Do not, if at all possible, make a long car trip with Jeff on his birthday. He has rather eccentric taste in music and we share the same iPod. Gasp. We have about 1200 songs on it. There are about 100 to 200 that he and I both like. He played the "it's my birthday, so I get to listen to whatever I want to" card over and over. So I had to listen to a whole bunch of songs that I can't stand. But hey, when it's someone's birthday, you do what they want, right?

We got down here pretty late. It was after 10 o'clock. We got into our adorable cottage apartment. It is precious. I wish I could decorate like the decorators who decorate these places. Anyway, we were not to be disappointed. It's so clean and well furnished. Y'all know that makes A Girl Named Kelly Kelly super happy!

After Jeff unloaded the car, all by himself, in the freezing cold -- I know, it was his birthday, but he wouldn't let me help -- we decided to go check out Doc's Bar.

That's our most favorite place to hang out here. And it was the first night of Ms. Sylvia's 100th b'day party. Since it was so late and it was a Thursday night, we thought there might not be much going on and maybe Ms. Sylvia might have even gone home by then. What a surprise when we got there. There she was shaking her maracas to the beat with Roy, the best musician on Tybee. And the later the night got, it seemed like more of the local folks came in to say hi to Ms. Sylvia. That's livin' on Tybee Time. Since it was Jeff's birthday, too, he wanted to have his picture made with her. She was so sweet and wished him a happy birthday as well.

We stayed till Roy's last song and Ms. Sylvia was still there. It wasn't as crowded as we've seen it, but tonight will be another story for sure. Fridays are always my favorite night to go to Doc's.

Mr. Sandman eluded me for the first time in a good while, but I think it was mostly due to the stupid energy drink I had at about 5 in the afternoon. Another note to self: No more energy drinks for me. Jeff, on the other hand, slept like a rock. What do you expect, he drove four hours, unloaded the car in the cold, plus he has worked about 80 hours this week.

We had a late breakfast at our favorite breakfast spot, The Breakfast Club. It was yummy! I had an omelette (ain't gonna spell check that, I'm on vacation) with Monterey (see previous spell check note) jack cheese and tomatoes, grits and toast. It was so good. Bacon egg and cheese sandwich for Jeffery.

We're just chilling out right now, literally. It's chilly here, although it's so pretty and sunny. We're going for a walk and take in some new scenery since we're staying on a part of the island that we've never actually stayed on before. Then we may come back and rest up for the BIG party tonight.

Wish y'all were here. It really is my favorite place this side of heaven :-)


Crystal said...

I wish I was there for sure! You've got to take more pictures since you're staying in a different place. Is it on the beach? You got a patio or a balcony? Pictures, girl, pictures!! Have fun and be careful.

suzanne said...

Ms. Sylvia and Jeff make such a cute couple :0)
I would tell you to have fun, but I know you are taking care of that.

Diane W.Kaufman said...

Kelly Kelly, i'm so happy you came to Tybee and had such a great visit!!!! thanks for sharing with everyone the magic of our island!!!

sherri simmons said...

I have enjoyed your blog so much! I can tell you love Doc's Bar and Miss Sylvia as much as I do! Anytime you want to add a link to the photos at, please do so. I posted hundreds of photos of the birthday parties (one gallery for each of the three nights). Thanks!