Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Best Valentine's Day Ever

Nothing could have made my Valentine's Day better than getting this card this morning from my 20-year-old son. I mean, I'm seriously all choked up with tears. And even though it doesn't take much these days to do that, this really touched me in a way maybe only a mother of sons could understand. Most times, he says oh, I couldn't find a card or oh, I just ran out of time, or oh, any other excuse he could come up with at the time. But this time, this day, 2/14/2009, my son Ross, got me a Valentine's Card.

I think the last time he got me a card was in 2006. That one was very special too. It was handmade and written in German, which he was taking in high school. I think it was a class assignment or something. But anyway, he never translated it for me, so for all I know it could say to go make him a sandwich or something. But to me it said I was the best mom in the world and that he loved me very much. I have it in my office and I'll cherish it forever.

No one made him get me the card he gave me this morning. He didn't get a grade (at least from a teacher), it wasn't an assignment. But it showed me that after 20 years of bone-tiring work, all the sacrifices I had made, all the patience I had had, all the stories I had read, all the fun we had had together doing the silly little things that were so much fun to him had really paid off. I've raised a darn good boy who has slowly turned into a fine young man! And I'm proud of him and I, must say, I'm dang proud of myself, too. The girl who wins his heart in life will be all the luckier for it. I do hope she has the patience of Job and can yell like Tarzan, 'cause she will surely need it.

Yesterday was a busy Friday. I had to work two depos again in two different parts of town. My last job was in Newnan and it was at 3 o'clock. I had to hurry home and get to go out. Yep, it was Friday, so it was LaParilla night for a Girl Named Kelly Kelly. LaParilla is so crowded on the weekends that if you don't get there by at least 5 o'clock, you cannot get a seat for a long while. And we like to sit at the bar, which has been impossible lately because we've been getting there after 7. So it's like we're trying to get an early-bird special or something having to get there so early. But we're there for a couple of hours, just eating and having ourselves a drink and doing some very serious people watching. Believe me, the people watching there is not for the faint either. It's more entertaining than going to the movies sometimes. Jeff and I had fish and shrimp with asparagus and mashed potatoes, of course with a Mexican twist. OMGosh, it was so yummy.
Here's me and Nan having a good time. We both needed it. She's an echo tech. She does heart echos and it's a stressful job. She also has Meniere's Disease, which means she has a constant 24/7 ringing in her ears. How awful does that sound? She likes to go out and have a good time and we always do when we go to LaParilla.

Today may actually be the day we start our workout program. After eating all that food, don't you think we need it?

I hope each and every one of you has a good Valentine's Day.


Barbo said...

Happy valentine's day kell and your family. I send loves and hugs. Will you put fufu and her daughter on your prayer list. They just found out Marie has liver cancer. Thanks Barbo

Theresa said...

Happy Valentines Day... My Precious Niece! You are a keeper:) I did what you said and waited until today:)

Ross is a fine young man and that was a really cute card. Curious what it said inside? It is hard to believe he is 20years old! It seems like only yesterday we were all gathered at the hospital to welcome him, even Mama:)

Austin had his last basketball game today and Autumn's tournament got moved to tomorrow. 1st game is at ~3PM and another at 4:30. AND Daytona 500 is tomorrow.

My honey gave me roses and two cards. One funny and one serious! We always do that:) He asked me if I want to go out and I have not decided yet.

Alex is feeling better today, better than yesterday! Thanks everyone for prayers. I took their valentine presents over this morning and she was acting normal... wanted a biscuit, so I made her some. She still ran a fever during the night but as far as how she is acting and appears to be feeling? MUCH BETTER!

To those bloggers who don't know, Marie is our cousin, 54 years old like me:( She will go next week to see what they will do about the liver cancer. Whether she can have surgery or just chemo. Prayer list grows!

Love you all from the bottom of my little pea-picking heart!!!!!

suzanne said...

Yes, your kids are a bit spoiled, a tad lazy at times, occasionally mean to you -- What was my point?? Oh, yeah, you are WAY too hard on yourself as a mom. To have a 20-year-old who has never given you one moment of trouble or heartache and the same for a 16-year-old boy, is practically UNHEARD of! You've done so much right over the years, and you should give yourself a pat on the back.
Happy Valentine's Day :0)

Kelly said...

The inside of the card read: The Valentine hug monkey is here. Do not resist the Valentine hug monkey. I even got a hug to go with it.