Monday, February 16, 2009

Shoe Shopping

Yesterday was a total good time. I spent the afternoon with my bestest friend Suz. She and I went shoe shoppin'. I had been online looking for shoes for women with small feet. I found some really good websites with some fabulous shoes, some of them pretty reasonable, some not so much so. By the end of my busy workweek last week, I was willing to pay almost anything for a good-fitting pair of shoes. Life in a parking garage with ill-fitting shoes, for lack of a more ladylike word, sucks.

She and Eli came down early in the afternoon, so we had plenty of time. We had no particular place to go, but some good ideas of things we wanted to do, which always include our favorite pastime, shopping. Suz, ever the bargain shopper, suggested we check out Payless Shoestore. They're having their BOGO sale, which means if you buy one of something, you get the other for half price. Not a bad deal. They usually stock lots of small size shoes, too, which is a good thing. Sometimes I can wear their shoes, sometimes not. But yesterday, OMGosh. They had their shelves fully stocked with the latest spring fashions for work and play. And Suz and A Girl Named Kelly Kelly had themselves one heck of a good time.

Rather than bore you with words, here are some pictures to show you how much fun we had. Suz put on her Price Is Right model face and showed me these lovely shoes! They weren't for me though.

Then we both decided that a pair of nice, white Mary Janes would be worth a try and with Easter right around the corner, hey, what the heck. Surely they would fit. Voila! They fit. I think you can tell by the size of my cankles that a 43-year-old woman isn't meant to wear a size 3 Mary Janes! HA! Not for me either.
After searching and searching and trying on this pair and that pair, we were ready to check out. Payless Shoe Store was happy to see us go. This was the mess that we made while looking for the perfect shoes.
Which happily we did find four perfect pair for me. And for the price of one pair I was going to order online, I bought four! Now that's some shoe shopping! And I can walk and walk and walk without my shoes falling off! Yippee!!!!


Theresa said...

Cute shoes and sound like you girls had my kind of fun day! I would rather shop than eat.

Enjoyed lunch today! Loads of fun and great food.

Love you!

suzanne said...

Those pictures just don't do justice to the shoes you bought!
You can't really show how much fun we had either. I thought I was going to pee in my pants when you had those size 3 little girl shoes on and THEY FIT perfectly!!!!!!