Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bourbon Chicken to Mighty Meaty

Now, how in the world could that have
happened? How could a nice home cooked
meal turn into dinner at Mellow Mushroom?

Well. . . I can explain. At 6:30 p.m. I was still in my PJs. From the night before. I was in my office all day long working. I didn't get everything checked off my list, didn't even come close, but I did get a lot done. And while I had depos printing, I HELPED Jeff clean the house. Now, I emphasize the word help. He also HELPED. Together we got it done! Yippee!!!! I have a clean house, top to bottom and we kept the money in our pocket. That is except for the money we paid for the
scrumptious pizza we had at the Mellow Mushroom. And BTW, I don't eat the Mighty Meaty, I eat the Kosmic Karma. The meaty is too meaty for me.

I booked our condo in Panama City for Spring Break. If you'd like to see where we're staying go here and check it out. It's not my heaven on earth Tybee, but for two sixteen-year-old boys, I think it will work perfectly.

I've found several more great blogs to follow. Take a look at my sidebar and maybe you'll find a couple you'll like, too. I'm so sick of my template, but it takes literally hours for me to change it. I may tackle it this weekend though. I'm growing impatient. Me, impatient? Never.

How boring is this post? Yeah, I know. But what can a girl say at 6 o'clock in the morning? That is except "y'all have a good day!"



Leigh said...

First off, dont fret abotu the meal. LOVE Mellow Mushroom. Yum!
Have a great vacation!
I love your template!!!
Not boring!
I wanted to personally thank you for becoming a "follower" of my blog. I am always humbled that anyone would care enough to read it.

Thank you so much-because it led me to your great blog! I love new friends!

Leigh, Tales From Bloggeritaville

Theresa said...

The pizza looks delicious but probably not as tasty as the bourbon chicken would have been.

I can smell the pine sol thru the computer... fresh as a daisy:)
Cleaning is not much fun but doing it yourself, with the help of Mr. Wonderful, is a sure fire way to know it is done right!

My casserole was OK, but a little too doughey to suit me so I will just keep that one to myself. Let's just say it looked great in the magazine and even in my caserole dish. Marc loved it... but he is like Mikey, he will eat anything:)

Early release today for the grandchillins, so I will be assisting my lovely daughter with the bambinos!

Love to all and have a blessed day!

Joyce said...

I didn't make the chicken either. Didn't have all the ingredients! oh well. I understand about changing the template. Blogger doesn't make it easy does it? I do like yours!