Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Feet

I do believe I shall cry. A long weekend here is simply not long enough. The sun's shining and it's gonna be another beautiful day. We took that long walk yesterday and it was wonderful. The beach looks so good. A beach chair, a good book, an ice cold diet coke or other cold beverage, some good music and the temps about 20 degrees warmer would have made a great day perfect. Here are a few pictures of some of the sights we saw while we were out.

Judy and Ronnie Martin's condo at Lighthouse Point. This is where we take the Ross and Cam and a friend apiece for vacation every year. Memories amillion have been made here.

She sells seashells by the seashore!
We found these shells while we were walking the

Just thought this was a pretty picture.

This isn't so pretty. It's a dead jellyfish. We saw at least 15 of them. No wonder those things hurt so much when they sting you. Look how ugly they are!

Don't you just love flying kites when there are no trees around to tangle them up?

Someone's just a little behind undecorating! But remember, they're living on Tybee Time.

The Tybee Pier where Ross and Cam spend almost their whole vacation fishing! It can get up to 10,000 degrees on that pier during the summer.

My new shirt! I love it.

Last but not least, here is a photo of two very small, but very, very happy feet!


suzanne said...

you can't even tell your toenail polish got smudged. It looks like a simply fantastic way to spend a weekend. I on the other hand, have been cleaning Eli's messy room and doctoring Reid back to health.
Parting is such sweet sorrow, no?

Theresa said...

Great Pictures and sounds like a great weekend. We went to Knoxville and helped Anna and Richard move. I enjoyed seeing my Knoxville grandbabies who are now living in Gray Tennessee for a year or so. Richard is building a school up there.

Good to be back home.

Love you and missed reading your blog. I knew you were having a great time at your "Heaven on earth"

Anonymous said...