Monday, February 9, 2009

Workin' 9 to 5 and I'm Not Complaining

Blogging late today. I had TWO depos in two different parts of town today. Man, that's rough on a girl after living the good life for three-and-a-half days. I've got to drive down to Macon in the morning for a depo, I think my car just might go on and make the extra three-hour trip and take me back to the beach!

I'm happy tonight and bummed at the same time. I'm excited because Jason got the call he's been waiting for from Emory-Crawford Long!!!! Yippee!!!! He's going back for another interview with the Medical Director of the hospital. Wooo. I'm sure he'll knock his/her socks off. I think he's probably got the job and this is just a formality. But I'm bummed because my fellow blogger and one of my favorites, Mam in Washington state got laid off from her job today. That STINKS. Y'all keep her in your prayers. Jobs out there are just as hard to come by as they are here. She's just the sweetest thing in the world and I really want her to find a job she loves and S-O-O-N! I've come to love her and I've never even met her. If you read this, Mam, hang in there.

My To-Do List is about as tall as I am, and even though that's not very tall, it's pretty long for a To-Do List. I did check a few things off of it today in between my depos. I got my oil changed and that was a big load off my mind. The dashboard control panel had nicely warned us that we needed to get the oil changed "soon". It's been telling us this for quite some time. Then over the weekend, it changed its tone and harshly advised us that an oil change was "required". I was scared to put it off for another mile. I had no idea what the next message might be.

Jeff made supper tonight. I must say that this is probably about the tenth time since we've been married that he's cooked, other than on the grill, which he does all the time. He made spaghetti. He did such a good job, I think I'll let him do it more often. HA! He's even cleaning up. Karma.

Guess that's it for another Monday. Think I'll be able to check a few more things off my To-Do List before the Bachelor comes on. They're going to the girls' hometowns tonight. Wonder who's gonna get the ax . . .


Theresa said...

Glad to hear that Jason has another interview:) I had read earlier about Mam's job and that made me sad too:( We will pray for both!

Jobs are really hard to come by. I saw today where there were thousands in line for the new KIA plant to make $10 an hour. Many had been laid off for a long time and there were only 600 jobs to be filled. I hope things will get better soon.

Be careful on your drive to Macon and make sure you leave your flip-flops at home!

Love you

Joyce said...

Thanks so much for your words and prayers! Theresa too! You guys are awesome!!! love ya, man!!!!