Sunday, January 11, 2009

82nd Birthday Party Recap

Last night was the big lasagna party. I didn't make it to church today because I was up and down all night with an upset stomach :-( Not from the food, but from an energy drink that I drank yesterday. Just as Theresa suspected would be the case, I don't think I want to smell any more Italian food for a while though. It was not a very comforting smell when I was getting up feeling sick.

Nan made the best lasagna ever. Mine, however, not so much. Stouffer's really let me down. I called mom this morning to tell her about the party and she said she could've told me it was no good. She said my dad won't touch that stuff. If I had asked her beforehand I would've known that if he didn't like it, I wouldn't like it. We're kinda picky like that. I did make homemade ravioli though, and it was very good. Sherry brought the b'day pies and we sang happy birthday to Mee-Maw.

If you read the post from last night, I hinted that something sorta happened to our TV. With wii you have these controllers and it's very interactive. You use the controllers in the bowling game as if they were your bowling ball. Only you don't throw the controller. Well . . . Jean (Mee-Maw), who is a very good bowler with a real bowling ball and who bowled in a senior citizen bowling league till a few months ago, was playing her very first wii bowling game. We were explaining everything very carefully and we were just nearly finished with the directions. In fact, the sentence coming out of Jeff's mouth was, don't throw the controller like you would a bowling ball. Simultaneously, she innocently, but very powerfully, throws the controller/bowling ball directly at our TV screen. We have a good-sized crack right down the left side of the TV now. I don't think she realized it actually cracked the screen,although everyone else knew exactly what had happened and was aghast. No one told her it cracked the TV and she doesn't have a computer, so it's something I'll never, ever tell her. If she knew she had messed up our TV, she'd be out this minute or either giving us the money to replace our TV. She's still a pretty strong lady at 82 years old! And not a bad wii bowler either.
Mee-Maw, the wii bowler!
I think Mom's gonna cook tonight. I just don't think I can smell my house up with any more food right now. My stomach can't take it. Cam's cooking a frozen pizza right now and the smell of it cooking is more than I can handle.

Joyce, if you're reading, the weatherman is saying we might get some snow by the end of the week. Only here in Georgia, we get a light dusting. Our kids (even at 20 and 16) get very excited and go out to play in the snow, which is mostly just mud. Cam's already planning his upcoming four-day weekend, thinking school will be out Friday and Monday is MLK day, so he's out of school for that. I'll keep you updated. Keep your fingers crossed that we might get a little snow! If it has to be winter, at least let it snow.

Here is a group picture from last night. It has almost all of the family in it. One of Jeff's brothers passed away in 2006 and one of his brothers couldn't make it. Hope everyone has a very good Sunday. We all know what tomorrow is . . . monday.


Theresa said...

Great Picture of the family! I love Jean! She is a very neat lady and is always sooo kind to me! Missed you at Church, boy was it a good one. Tommy Dunn was in rare form and several songs were dedicated to Brenda Swann's family! Then of course, they had lunch... but I didn't stay. My waistline can't take that St. John cooking too much and still fit in my clothes:) Love you and hope you feel better.

suzanne said...

Sounds like you missed a great opportunity to get a new plasma TV!! Ha-Ha. Poor thing. I can't believe that happened.

Joyce said...

that is such a nice picture of everyone! I love group pictures.
BTW...our snow is usually a dusting too. Watch what you pray for! lol! Have fun in it!