Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why Don't My Shoes Fit?

And why is the grocery store suddenly out of everything I need? Two big problems in my life right now. Every winter my feet shrink. No other part of my body, just my feet. This year, they've shrunk about two sizes. Big, big problem. I'm usually a 5 1/2 in a ladies dress shoe. If I can find a 5, I'll take it, but stores never have it. So now, I'm about a 3. I put my dress shoes on this morning to go to work and they are falling off my feet. Now, my skirt's tight, but my shoes are loose. Go figure. I think I'll go get some of the patent leather Mary Janes we all wore as little girls in a size 3 and go on about my day.

I was going to have the potato soup I posted about yesterday. Went to Publix, which is the store I like to go to because they have a nice selection of produce and they have good meat and seafood and even have sushi, which I have occasionally bought from there. Well, they were out of everything I needed to make the darn soup. The Simply Potatoes, gone. The shredded cheese, gone. I was so mad. I just bought me some pink tulips, some golden delicious apples and left. We ended up eating Waffle House. Of course, I could've peeled the potatoes and shredded my own cheese, but after the big inauguration festivities, I wasn't in the mood for all that work.

Speaking of work, I've gotta run (well, not literally, remember my shoe problem). I've got a job at 10 and I hear traffic is awful all over town. Yippee! As usual.

Hugs to all! And as always, Happy Humpday!


Theresa said...
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Theresa said...

Girl, You got the cutest little tootsies! If you run completely out of shoes to wear, Alex has a bunch of really cute ones:) I am doing some much needed picture transfers today from a computer that came over on the Mayflower to my newest one. It has been on my list for way too long! Too cold to get out. Have a blessed day and be careful! Love you!

Karla said...

Holy crap, you could fit 2 of your feet in my shoes

Kindyland said...

Okay. You wear the same size shoe as Hayley. What's up with that?