Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mr. Sandman, Where are You?

I seem to have lost my dear friend, Mr. Sandman. In the past, sleep could come to me in the daytime, nighttime or both in the same 24-hour period. Nowadays, sleep almost completely eludes me. How I miss my friend.

I had a total hysterectomy in October. Suz blames it on that. Before I had that done, I'd say it was hormones. If I drink a bit of caffeine in the evenings, I'll say it's that. If I take my meds later in the day, well, surely it was that. Folks, I think there is an intruder called Insomnia screwing up my relationship with the Sandman. Does he not know two's company, three's a crowd?

I want you all to know before you read further that this is a true story. Although, it seems like it must surely have been a cruel joke, although cruel, it was no joke. To set the stage for you, I'm finally asleep, very lightly, but asleep nonetheless. It's 3:30 a.m. My bed buddy has to get up and go to the restroom. My blankets are perfect. Pillow's just right. It's all good. I hear him get up, but am able to doze right back to sleep. Till he gets back in the bed and starts TUGGING on my blankets, that not more than 60 seconds ago were perfect for him, too! So I huff and puff and am now AWAKE! I lie there for about 15 minutes. Then I decide also to make a trip to the restroom. No TP. So I use Kleenex. Flush. Back to the bed. I'm lying there and it sounds as though the toilet is still running. I tell him. He, of course, and without a doubt, DOESN'T HEAR IT. So I get up and go in there. I tell him it is running. He says just jiggle the handle. I do. It doesn't work. I tell him it doesn't work. He says do it again. I do it again. It still doesn't work. I go back to the bed and tell he's going to have to go and fix it. He throws the blankets off, walks across the cold tile floor and by the time he gets to the toilet it's not running anymore. (He-he). Sorry, sugar. It's just so funny.

Back in the bed now. Covers adjusted for everyone. He's snoring in five minutes. I'm awake till 5:00 and I can take it no more. I decide I'll go in my office and try to sleep on the floor until time to get up. It's dark and quiet in there. I could go on the sofa, but I know Ross will be up in an hour and a half, so I want to sleep more than that. Grab my favorite Snoopy blanket and my pillow, head to my office. At least 10 dogs are having a barking contest across the street. So that's not gonna work. So off to the sofa I go. First I have to turn off the lights the boys left on throughout the house. Get on the sofa. I'm there about 5 minutes and hear something that sounds like a shower drip only it has a rythmn. It's not the shower, it's Cam's ceiling fan knocking. So I allow myself to get in the rythmn of the fan, then the fridge comes on. This ain't gonna work either. As I told Suz this morning, if I could've emptied out my the cabinets on my bookcase and crawled inside, I would have. I really would have liked a place to sleep. I bet it's dark and quiet in there.

Back to my bed. I get at the foot of my bed thinking that might help with my having to hear the snoring. I try to adjust the blankets without tugging on his. I get fairly comfortable, with the exclusion of my feet sticking out at the head of the bed. I couldn't seem to get them under the cover and I didn't want to kick him in the head. I did finally fall asleep somewhere between 5:30 and 6:00. Ross drives a diesel truck, so when he starts that up at 6:45, guess what? I wake up again.

Sometimes I take a Benadryl for this sleep problem. It's hit or miss with that. After my surgery, the doctor gave me a RX for Lunesta, which I hate and never take. Simply Sleep makes me feel hungover the next day. I'm basically screwed.

There's just nothing like good, natural sleep. When I sleep with the aid of medication, I have crazy dreams that stick in my head for days and days. Right now I'm dealing with a dream I had over the weekend, after taking a Benadryl, where I am living in a house that looks like a mushroom, but was on a body of water. I can't tell if it was a lake or a beach. I swear! It was a real dream and I keep getting visions of the house at various times during the day. I'm still trying to decipher what that means. It was a clean mushroom house though.

Working today at 11 and possibly at 4. Hope y'all have a good Tuesday!


Theresa said...

You are SO funny! I am laughing my head off, "with you" of course... not AT you:) I have had sleep problems occasionally, but what helps me is to be in my little routine.. Bed at 9:45, snuggled quietly at 10:00 watching news for about 10 minutes, eyes get heavy, TV off. Night, Night...ZZZZZZZ. I dream EVERY night, crazy detailed dreams. Some I enjoy and some I don't:) I don't take any night medicine either. I makes me goofy, itchy and a few other dwarfs other than sleepy. I MUST sleep with a fan running beside my bed, it drowns out the little sounds like drips, toilets running and snoring husbands. Although since my hubby got the sleep apnea machine, he is quiet as a little mouse. I hope and pray that you will get some rest! LYLAN:)

Kindyland said...

That was funny in a not funny kind of way -- I can relate to the lack of sleep.

Perhaps you should join the dream blog I am on. Laura is a psychotherapist and interprets people's dreams. It doesn't cost anything. If you want to be on it, email me and I'll send you the info.