Sunday, January 18, 2009

Retail Therapy. . . It's a Good Thing

Ahh. Yesterday was a good day. I spent the day with one of my favorite people in the whole world. My bestest friend, Suz. First, we had the most delicious lunch at the Atlanta Bread Company. I had chili in a bread bowl, yummy and a side salad, which was big enough to be a main dish. We ate our meals by the fireplace. It was just absolutely perfect. Who thought it could get any better? Until we went to Target. That has to be one of my very favorite stores. They have everything you could want for you, your family and your house all under one roof. I got a serious dose of much needed retail therapy. We were in that store for hours. We browsed almost every department. I think we skipped the electronics and CD and DVD departments. We're not too interested in either of those. Although I do need new cordless phones for my house. That will give me a good excuse to go back on another day.

So Nan and I are going to start this little workout program. Well, knowing Nan I don't think it's going to be so little. She does everything in a big way. She takes working out pretty seriously too. Suz helped me pick out the stuff I needed to get started yesterday because she's been on a workout program for a while now. She and a friend of hers get up at 5 in the morning and work out. I think Nan and I will be doing ours in the evening. Nan may teach me how to do everything and then let me do it on my own, I'm not sure. Our schedules are very different, so that may be what works best. She goes to a gym and enjoys that. I hope we can get started tomorrow. I can't believe how expensive workout stuff is.

Went to church today. That was also a good thing. I just love that old-time religion. My 19-year-old cousin Justin is a United States Marine (can you see me beaming with pride). He drove 450 miles using his 96 hours of time off this month to come home and go to church today. It is so amazing to see what the Marines has done to him. He went in last July as a boy. Today he stands proudly as a fine young man. We have a lot to be proud of in this country. Our military is definitely something for us to be proud of.

Going to my mom's for supper tonight. Luke and Libby from South Georgia are coming up to bring Reid his belated Christmas gift. Every year Luke gives the boys, in turn, a rattlesnake skin dried and mounted. The taxidermist didn't have Reid's ready in time for Christmas, so they're bringing it tonight and joining us for supper. They have HUGE rattlesnakes in South Georgia and he kills one every year. It's usually one that he stumbles upon while he's out in the field or in his yard or something. He said the one he's bringing for Reid was the meanest one he's ever seen and was completely standing up rattling at him when he killed it. Yikes!

Well, Crystal's pipes froze in her attic Friday night and flooded her kitchen. Did lots of damage to her kitchen floor. She's going to have to get her hardwood floor replaced. Also messed up the insulation in the attic too.

I've got to call the "What Lady" tonight. I don't want to either. Even though she did me dirty and I shouldn't have any problem whatsoever, I don't like doing that kind of thing. I just don't want to dread it all week, so I'm going to get it over with tonight. I'm going to tell her that I don't need her anymore. Which I most definitely, positively don't. I think I can find something better to do with my money. Like err... go get some more retail therapy.

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Theresa said...

I love Target too! We had a bench full of Howells today and it was a great service. Justin is really a fine young man and I am extremely proud of him. He is tall and strong and handsome. Good luck on the workout program. I know you will look cute in your new workout clothes:) which is important. Poor Crystal, I had frozen hot water in the poolhouse but Praise the Lord it didn't bust. Tell Luke and Libby I said Hi and he can keep my rattlesnake plaque:) Funny... snakes were in my dreams last night. Let us know how it goes with the "what lady", you should get what you pay for!