Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday on Peachtree Street

I had a deposition downtown on Peachtree Street this morning. It's been a little while since I've been to the particular part of Peachtree where I had to go today, at least three months. The streets I had to travel on were so torn up with construction I wouldn't be surprised to have a flat when I go back out to my car. It was awful. During lunchtime on Peachtree, it's very busy with lots of foot traffic and auto traffic. You have to be paying close attention or you'll run over somebody. No talking on the cell phone. There was this man with a book of some sort in his hand shouting about something. He was yelling pretty loud, too, because even with my windows up, he got my attention. And, oh, yeah, there was a big group of construction workers on strike shouting about something else. They weren't with the man with the book though. It was just a loud, busy, torn up, messed up ride. But . . . then I looked out the window and saw this beautiful fountain and it was frozen! In Atlanta, a frozen fountain! In July, the fountains are often shut off because of drought, but this fountain said it runs on recycled water and today on January 23rd, it was frozen solid and it was beautiful! Thankfully, I had a camera and took a picture to share. Isn't it pretty? Then, on the way home I stopped at Checkers and got me a big ol' cheeseburger and fries and diet coke with lots of ice. Honey, I oinked. I ate that whole cheeseburger. Even the middle. Jeff was working from home today, so I brought him one too.

Tonight's Cam's football banquet at the high school. Seems kinda late, doesn't it? I mean, February 2nd they start working out for next football season. Anyway, we're having steak and chicken. Now, I wonder how good that will be . . . I'll make some pictures of my handsome boy.

Oh, and BTW, the "What Lady" is now the "Was Lady". Thanks to Jeff. I just couldn't do it. As mad as I was, I just didn't have the heart to tell her. But he did. I'm excited because my real "cleaning lady", who ALSO AND MORE IMPORTANTLY IS MY COUSIN, is in town and is coming to clean for me tomorrow. If she happens to read this, be forewarned. This house is dirty. She cleaned for me for a couple of years and then married the United States Marine of her dreams and moved to North Carolina to be his Marine Wife. I miss her. She always gave me a good laugh every week. And boy, could she clean. She knew where I was coming from! But she and her hubby are living happily ever after and I'm very, very happy for her! She's here helping a friend move. I hope I get to at least see her (Sonia that is). I have to work tomorrow. :-(

Y'all please keep in your prayers my dad's cousin's wife. She has Lou Gehrig's Disease, also known as ALS. It's a very debilitating and tragic disease. She was at our Howell family reunion in September and wasn't looking well. But she was standing on her feet. She is now in a bed with a feeding tube.
Guess that's it for now. What does one wear to a football banquet? Hmmmm.


Theresa said...

Well, you had a busy, interesting day. I spent the morning putting out spring flowers at the cemetery for Mama/Daddy and Grandma and Grandpa Howell. It was cold and windy but it sure looks pretty. Can't wait to see the football banquet pictures and you will look cute in whatever you wear with your tiny shoes:) Your house will be clean and smell fresh when you get home tomorrow... YAHOO! Nobody cleans like Sonia!

barbo said...

I am trying to leave a test comment I so love what you are doing, its like having a visit with you

Kelly said...

And I love you, Barbo!

Barbo said...

I wish your mother had a computer she would love your blog hi crystal, suz, and kelly

suzanne said...

I love the picture! There's one down the street from us that's frozen, too. Theresa's already doing spring flowers. That's what I'm talking about :0)
Everyone, Jason has a job interview for manager of radiology at Crawford Long on Tuesday. Cross your fingers he WOWS them!
Love everyone!