Friday, January 9, 2009

Lasagna and TGIF!

We're cooking for Jeff's mom (Jean's) birthday tomorrow night. We're having lasagna. It's no biggie though because everyone is bringing something. I'm excited to have it here. I think it'll be fun. I'm sure I'll have some good pictures to post Monday. We're going to play wii and they are a fun, spirited crowd. We'll have about 17 adults plus Drew and Kendal, if my math is right, which it might not be. I think we had 27 here for my dad's birthday. I'm getting the house cleaned today. Yippee!

With regard to yesterday's post on our purses... with exception of Karla and Theresa, WE ALL NEED PURSE THERAPY!! I thought I carried a lot of stuff. I cracked up at the things we carry. Yellow pages? THREE mirrors? Two months' worth of bills? And, of course, we all have a calendar we NEVER use. Yikes. I can see I'm not going to get much advice on downsizing from this blog. On the plus side of carrying a large purse, I saw my Aunt Cindy at the funeral home last night. A member of our church died suddenly Tuesday when a blood clot went to her brain. She was at the hospital with her Sunday night when she was still able to speak. She complained of chapped lips. Well, Cindy, being one of us, just so happened to have a tube of unopened Chap Stick in her purse, which I'm sure was ginormous. She was able to provide her dying friend comfort from her giant purse. There are upsides and downsides to everything I guess.

Here we are, TGIF. I have to work today. I have a deposition at 11 a.m. It's a translator depo. Now, let me set this up for you so you can appreciate what I have facing me this morning.

Attorney: Where do you work?

Translator: (In the language the deponent speaks translates the question, which takes about a minute to translate.)

Witness: (Gives his answer in his native language, which takes about a minute to say.)

Translator: (Gives the witness's answer back to the attorney in English) Macy's.

This goes on and on for a couple of hours. What would normally take 30 minutes takes hours. It's torture that's similar to having bleeding hangnails on all ten fingers. But it is Friday. That's the good thing.

Friday for me has always been more than just a day. It's a mood. I love Fridays. I usually go out on Friday night. Sometimes it's a payday (not this time though :-( ). When the kids were little, it meant no homework. Fridays are the day you just say ahhh. It's just a good kinda day. The only bad thing about Friday is that Monday is right around the corner.

P.S. Check yesterday's comments later for a surprise comment from a surprise purse carrier! If you don't know how to comment or get to the comments, just click comment down at the bottom. Or call Theresa if you're in the family. HeHe.


Theresa said...

Oh Girl... I SAW Jeff's purse comment. I think he wins the prize and oh, by the way are you sure he isn't a Howell? I really enjoyed his list and will remember that when I am close to him and need something that I don't have in either my purse or the back of the car! Lasagna sounds great! Monday you will be talking about how your house smells like Italiano:) Happy Friday! Love you!

Kindyland said...

Interpreter depos are fun!

I have to do a what's in my purse post. I got a prada for christmas.

Crystal said...

Ok, I've seen Jeff's purse, even dug in it a few times for something needed at football practice, but I had NO idea how much stuff was actually in there!!!!!