Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Motorcycle Jump, Bees and Tigers Brought in 2009 for the Kellys

We had dinner last night at Outback. Very good of course. At the very last minute, one of the couples that was to join us backed out. They thought it'd be too crowded and nobody would be able to conversate with each other while we waited for a table. Well, as a sign of the times I guess, Outback was pretty dead. Dead for New Year's Eve anyway. Jeff and I've been there before on New Year's Eve and it would be full of party-goers having pre-party dinner, people all dressed up to go out and families out for dinner too. Not last night. It was mostly lonely men looking for a place to watch the bowl games. And there wasn't even many of them. We had seven in our party and had no problem sitting at the bar and having our dinner and watching the games. Had myself a pear pomegranate martini. Well, maybe it was two that I had. Anyway, they sure were good. We left there and went back to Nan and Ronnie's for the main event of the night, the LSU/Georgia Tech game. Even though in real life, Jeff, Ronnie, Nan and I HATE Tech and don't care too much for LSU, sadly, it was the main event of our New Year's Eve. The other three people in our group like Tech, so it was a sad night for them as LSU whooped that yellow jacket butt! As always, Nan and Ronnie were hospitable and we had skittles and champagne to ring in the new year, which we all thought would never come. After the game was over, ESPN had this motorcycle jumper guy that was attempting this "amazing" jump. Well, after what seemed like two hours, he made his jump. They did at least flip over to Times Square at midnight. I've never spent my New Year's Eve watching a motorcycle jump before! Weird times. At any rate, it's not what you're doing, but who you're doing it with, right? And we were with good friends and family and it was fun.

I finally have gotten the cold that I've been fighting since October 21st. Suz, remember in the hospital when I kept telling the nurse I thought I had gotten a cold? Well, this time it's fo' real. It's gonna be one of those chest ones. I feel like someone's stepping on my chest. I got it when I worked the other day. The deponent sat across from me and he kept coughing and sneezing and even moaned a few times. I knew when I left I was gonna get that nasty thing from that nasty man. I won't gross y'all out with the details about the nasty man. Suffice it to say that I don't want to spread this cold to any of my loved ones. So I'm trying to go easy on the New Year's hugs. I must admit though that I did hug Kendal today at lunch at Jeff's mom and dad's. She was irresistibly cute and I don't get to be around little girls that often, so Kristi, if Kendal gets sick, I'm soooooo sorry. Everybody was watching the Georgia game there. I was feeling worse by the second, so I helped Jean clean up and then I had to get going. Didn't eat many peas there either. But I'll make up for it at my mom's. Don't know if that's just a southern thing or not. But I gotta eat some for good luck. Ross found the dime in the peas at MeeMaw's. He wasn't even looking for it. When the boys were little, they'd dig and dig looking for it. She puts a dime in the peas and the person who gets it is supposed to have extra luck. Hopefully, Ross will have extra luck in '09. Extra luck for Ross is extra luck for a Girl Named Kelly Kelly!

Today is the last day of deer season here in Georgia. Both boys killed bucks this year. Ross killed a buck and a doe. Cam just finished his last hunt of the year and he saw several deer, but none bigger than the one that he killed, so he let them live to see another day. They'll probably run out in front of me on my way to my mom and dad's and total out my car or something.

Almost time to head to mom and dad's. Get to see Ethan and Joseph for the first time since Christmas day. Hope I can resist hugging on Eli!

Enjoy the rest of this first day of 2009. And oh, yeah, HOW 'BOUT THEM DAWGS??? They didn't look too good, but a win is a win.

Life, love and laughter. Everything in between and what happens after! Hope your New Year is filled with much, much, life, love and laughter.


Theresa said...

Happy New Year to you and everyone! I spent New Year's Eve taking down my Christmas tree, finally! We watched half of the Tech game and turned it off, it was pretty pitifil:( It was boring... Next year we will plan to party a little. We had finger foods and not too many of those. Today, Cynthia had TOO much good food and Preacher Tommy was there. Justin entertained us by playing his guitar and we watched the Georgia game. We have watched EVERY bowl game that has been televised this year and while I love football, perhaps wheel of fortune or something else would be nice:) Right now we are watching Penn St and USC. More tonight? ugh

Tracy and family are returning from the Dominican tomorrow and I can't wait to hear the stories and see the pictures. I have really missed them. My Tennessee family put their trip off until next weekend, so Christmas 2008 continues.

I wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year. Enjoy family and friends and stay away from Nasty/sneezy/groaning old men!

Joyce said...

happy new year! i'm sorry you're sick!!! i'll be praying you get over this fast. i still have a touch of mine 3 months later!!!

Karla said...

We watched that jump too.