Saturday, January 3, 2009

Too Much Testosterone at My House

Sorry I didn't blog yesterday. I came into my office and was going to clean out our family files. Well, four hours later -- yes, that's right -- four hours later, I was finished. I couldn't believe it when I saw the clock. I worked nonstop, but boy, are our files organized! In that time, I did sort through our tax papers for '08 and got those ready to go. OCD is in overdrive!

So that being said, today's blog is all over the place. As you can see from my title, I'm feeling a little too much testosterone at my house. I thought I'd post some pictures to give you guys

an idea of what I'm talking about. The first picture is a deer target. And no, he's not buried in the dirt. His legs are gone. As are his ears. He is in my front yard. I can look out my office window as I sit here typing this and see him with his sad, lonely eyes looking back at me. The boys have been taking shots at him with their bows. And as you can see, he's taken quite a few hits. The second picture is in my garage. I don't let the boys wear their shoes in the house, soooo let's just leave 6 pairs of boots at the door for someone to break their neck on when they come out of the

house. Probably me. And also, let it be known that their feet are not small. Oh, no, my boys are big. And so are their feet. The third picture is on the front porch. That is our bulldog that sits at the front door. Now, let me ask you. Did someone think that that cement bulldog was going to eat that french fry? I think not. No, that same person -- namely, Cam -- also left the fry container and several other fries scattered about the front porch for someone -- namely, me -- to sweep up. Now, you may ask yourself, why does she put up with all of this? Well, the answer is simple. I don't
know. I just always have. They're small things in the great scheme of things and there are so many things my boys could be doing that are so much worse than what they do. Yes, they're messy. Yes, they are argumentative. Yes, they can be ungrateful. But they are good boys. And boy, do I love 'em. Now, this last picture... I guess there's not TOO much testosterone at my house. That's my sugar and me doing our annual fake kiss beside the Christmas tree. We can't be too passionate when we get this picture made because Ross or Cam usually makes the picture for us.

I got up this morning and felt domestic. I know, I could hardly believe it myself. Cam has a friend over, so I feel bad to think that his friends think his mom can't/doesn't cook. Which I can/do. Just not very often. I made biscuits -- from a can -- and homemade sausage gravy. They were very appreciative and said it was really good. I can do some stuff. Jeff's in the kitchen cleaning up the greasy mess. YUCK!

As for the rest of my day, don't know what I'll be doing. We're stuck in yet another day of fog and dreary weather. I can't believe it's only January 3rd. It feels like we've been in this muck for at least two months. It seems like it should be late March already.

Suz just called and wants me to come up to Buford. Like I've said before, 50 minutes door to door. It's already noon. She said she won't be mad if I don't come, but I know the tone of voice she used when she said it, and she was already mad. There was nothing passive about her agression!! Oh, what to do. Now, that female hormone is the one you don't want to mess around with!

Y'all have a good Saturday! Enjoy whatever you do and enjoy the people you do it with. (Even if they have too much testosterone!)


suzanne said...

I'm really not mad, just disappointed. Your New Year's Resolution needs to BE SPONTANEOUS! All the things you HAVE to do will still be there when you get home. This from the gal who's frantically getting down Christmas decorations today. I told Mom I have nightmares every year that I leave my decorations up until April, and by the looks of my house, it may actually happen :0)

Theresa said...

I missed your Blog yesterday, but you made up for it today. I am still laughing at that poor deer and the french fry:) I am SICK of this weather too. I just made a comment to Marc about the yucky weather we have had. It makes it worse when the Parrishes all show up at Austin's basketball game with tans, they should be ashamed! I am thankful that I wasn't the LAST one to take the decorations down, thanks Suzanne! Love you all and Happy New Year!