Saturday, January 24, 2009


Jeff and two of his brothers and mom and dad are on their way to Augusta to visit Mike, Jeff's brother, who is very sick with liver cirrhosis. Jeff's oldest brother died of liver cirrhosis in 2006. This is his third oldest brother. He's 57. He's a Vietnam vet and has had a lot of problems since returning from there. Please y'all keep our family in your prayers. Jeff's parents, as you know, are elderly and they are just the sweetest, dearest people on earth. They have always been devout, faithful Christians. Heaven knows they had to be to raise five boys. I just don't know if their hearts can stand the death of another son. They still call their sons their boys. And I think in their eyes they're still the boys of their youth. It's a heartbreaking situation and I don't think the news from Augusta is going to be very hopeful. I'm anxiously waiting for Jeff to call me after he sees Mike. I'll post again after I hear from him.

Now, for the movie. First, let me say that I love Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kathy Bates. I'd love the three of those together in any sort of movie. Second, let me say that I loved them together in Revolutionary Road. I must see the movie again. I totally loved it. It was a gripping, desperate love story. The son of Kathy Bates' character somewhat stole the show, although he played a relatively small role. It was AWESOME, in my opinion, of course. Even Jeff, who never gives a movie higher than a C, gave this movie a B! It was a movie to make you say hmmmm, and left you a tiny bit confused. But that just gives me a good reason to see it again, which I totally want to do. Nan wants to see it, so maybe she and I will check it out. You can never have too much popcorn and Milk Duds.

I'm still playing Catch-Up with my work. I've got the I-Don't-Want-To-Work-Blues. Since Jeff's going to be gone most of the day, probably till at least 5 or 6, I'm going to try and get a lot done. I don't know what the next few days will bring as far as bringing Mike home. The doctors mentioned yesterday hospice care for him. His parents will need all of us and I don't want to have to worry about work. So I've got to get busy. I MUST HAVE ENERGY! Will y'all please pray for me, too, that I will have energy and strength to do everything that I'm going to need to do in these upcoming days/weeks/months.


Theresa said...

Just call me "Prayers 'R Us". I hope and pray that they will get to spend some time with Mike during these next days/weeks. They ARE a precious family and I love them dearly! Let me know if there is anything I can do and you know I really mean it.

I am off to Austin's basketball game. He plays with Heritage Hills Upwards team. It is always fun. Not much else going on at the Oak Hill home. Tracy and Derek are going to Aruba this week, just not fair:( You just can't turn down a free trip... although I wouldn't know that first hand.

Love you all!

suzanne said...

I really am praying for mee-maw and pee-paw. I just love them, and feel bad they have to go through this during their golden years :0(
I guess if you twisted my arm I would go see that movie with you...

Kelly said...

consider your arm twisted.

Karla said...

Thanks for the movie review. I told my husband he IS taking me to see this come hell or high water.

Jenna said...

Hi Kelly!! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I just popped over to say hi, and after reading your post, I also wanted you to know that I will say a prayer for your family!!