Saturday, January 10, 2009

The What Lady?

I was so excited yesterday because I was having my house cleaned. I get it cleaned every two weeks. It's a luxury that I afford myself, and that Jeff lets me afford myself. I'd rather eat cereal every night for a week than have to give that up. And this week, we did eat cereal about three nights and one night we had sandwiches.

My deposition was long and grueling, just as I knew it would be. It went four-and-a-half hours, with only a very short break. It was awful. But I knew I was going to have a nice, clean house to come home to. That was kind of helping me get through the day. I mean, there is just something about a freshly cleaned house gives me an indescribable, insane sensation.

After sitting in rushhour Atlanta traffic, I had plans to get a few things done before Jeff and I were going out for our Friday night at LaParilla. All the while thinking I would open the door and the smell of my fresh and spotless house would be awaiting me. Now, you all know that with my OCD and being a major clean freak, I naturally know of every speck of dirt that's in my house. My house was very dirty this time, and I knew I was going to get my money's worth from my cleaning. I don't always feel like I do because it's not usually that dirty. I open the door, look down on the floor and I couldn't believe my eyes. The kitchen floor had not even been swept! Much less mopped. I'm pretty sure the so-called "cleaning lady" came and sprayed some smelly stuff, ran the vacuum and left. There were even some crumbs on the kitchen table! I went nuts. I was yelling so loud and so much that I got a headache and my eyes felt like they were bugging out of my head!

When Jeff got home, he started helping me clean the house, after we had paid a so-called "cleaning lady" to clean it. He was going to do Cam's room because I generally keep out of it and let the "cleaning lady" dust it and change his sheets. They don't make prescription drugs strong enough for me to clean his or Ross's room. Well, Jeff goes in there to dust it for me and starts cracking up. He brings out this black banana peeling that's hard as a brick and looks like the jaw of some wild animal. It was on his dresser. Obviously, the "cleaning lady" didn't even think about dusting in there. Not this time. And most likely, not last time either. Whiskers on Ross's bathroom sink. He hadn't been home to shave! Oh, my gosh, I was so mad. And I was hurt, too. I just couldn't believe that someone I paid my hard-earned CASH had come into my house and taken advantage of me. It made me cry.

My TGIF, favorite day of the week didn't turn out so good this week, huh? We did get it all cleaned up though. And we went out and had a good dinner, got home early and went to bed early. Had to get ready for the party, which was tonight. It was lots of fun. Mee-Maw really enjoyed it. I think it made her feel very special. She had five sons and no daughters, so she probably didn't get a lot of attention on her birthdays through the years. I'll fill y'all in with all the details of the party tomorrow.

I'll give ya a hint though. Our big-screen TV has a crack in it now. We played wii bowling, remember?


Anonymous said...

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Theresa said...

Missing Sonia? I know the answer to that. I can't believe the What Lady did that to you. You will let her know about it I am sure!!!

Crystal said...

Who the crap is johnnyjonny-uk that is crapping up your blog??? That's sooooooo not cool!!!! I just need to know did you call the so called cleaning lady and ask her what the heck?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I know a good cleaning lady, but she lives in North Carolina now. But I heard she was coming to Georgia on a cleaning spree Jan. 21-28, and she could probably squeeze you in if you are interested! She has a touch of OCD herself, so she understands, hehe! Send her an email

kelly said...

Thanks, Jonnyjonny-uk, my OCD is being treated with lots of love and understanding from my family and friends.

Kelly said...


PLEASE SQUEEZE ME IN! I'll be in touch with you. I love ya and miss you, not just for your cleaning, but just you in general! Hope you and your new marine hubby are doing well!