Monday, January 19, 2009

Playing Catch Up

I am soo far behind on my work. I'm spending the day playing catch up. So far, so good. I'm staying on task, believe it or not. I took a lunch break to blog and read Karla and Joyce's blogs. A few more hours of good, focused work and I should be good to go again.

My mom, my aunts and some of my cousins are having lunch together today since a lot of people are off work. I really wanted to go, but I didn't get enough done before it was time to leave. I had to miss it this time. I hate that.

I'm in Diet Coke heaven these days. Our fridge where we keep all our drinks is in the garage and in the winter it freezes the drinks a little. My Diet Cokes are like Icees. Yummy! I guess it really is the small pleasures in life, huh?

Not much else going on. There's an icky stomach virus going around, so if it's got you, hope you're better soon! Joseph had it last week and missed two days of school. Cam faked it Friday so he could have a four-day weekend. At least I think he was faking. Moms just kind of have a feel for these things, don't they? He's only missed like one day so far, so what the heck. It was really cold and he had his heart set on that four-day weekend. Bad mom.

Lunch break over. Back on task. Don't want to get behind again.

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Theresa said...

We missed you but had a great time. Had simple lunch and then played wii bowling. Alex is really good. Then Bradley and his friend Robert and Justin sang and acted like idiots, we laughed until we actually cried. Fun, fun day! Love you!