Saturday, January 31, 2009

Full Figure? WTHeck?

I'm just sitting here killing time before I go stuff myself silly with chips and salsa at LaParilla with Ronnie Nan and Missy. I got on the net and saw a posting about Nick Lachey defending his ex-wife's new "fuller figure". I thought, hmmm, I've got to check this out. I've always thought she was such a pretty girl. And when they had their Newlyweds show, well, I have to say that I loved it. I even bought the seasons on DVD. And her in Dukes of Hazzard, was she not gorgeous?

So I clicked the link and looked at her new fuller figure. Pleeeeeeeeeeease!!!!! Give me a break. Now, I must admit I don't care for those really bad Mom Jeans and I think she's a bit too top heavy for that tank top, but full figure???? Who says that stuff???? I'll take her full figure any day! What about you?

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Theresa said...

ME too! I think she looks just fine! Tony Romo doesn't have a problem with her figure:) I hope those jeans aren't on their way back in style. "Whooda thunk" the tight legged ones would ever come back... but they did! I still have some of those from the last time they were in, remember me-she who keepeth too much stuff?

Love you!