Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Carbon Copy Karla

For today's blog, I could just refer readers to Karla's Blog. It's funny that I've never met her, but she works at home as a medical transcriptionist. Through reading her blogs, I've found I have a lot of things in common with her. Her blog for today pretty much sums it all up for me! I'm working from home today and boy, has it been a challenge. Everything I've tried to do has been a disaster. It's just been one thing after another. Bunches and bunches of little frustrations from printer problems to scanner issues, even my stapler went on the fritz. I sent an e-mail to someone in Outlook Express, which I don't normally use for e-mail, but that was the window that popped up. I normally use BellSouth. Well, in so doing, it deleted EVERY SINGLE ONE of my e-mails in my BellSouth inbox. They're all still in Outlook Express, but I don't use Outlook Express. I use BellSouth. I can forward them from Outlook to BellSouth, but I'll have to do that one by one. That should only take about 72 straight hours since it's e-mails since 2006 that I've saved. Thank goodness Jeff's working from home today and he could help me before I threw the computer out the window. For my family who reads my blog and who knows my family's history of throwing things, you all know that's not completely out of the question. When you work outside of the home, you have a computer support system to help you out with your computer problems. When you work at home, you're on your own, baby. Then my printer decides it wants to eat up all the stationery I have onhand. Now, I have lots of other paper. Just not stationery. As Karla said, this will require putting on a bra, yet another monumental feat, and going to Office Depot and getting stationery. Isn't that nice? When you work at an office, you have unlimited supplies of stationery at your disposal. And when your printer eats paper, someone comes and fixes it for you. It's 1:20 p.m. here and I think I'm gonna take advantage of one of the good things about working from home and that is I'm going to go lay down. After all these little frustrations, I need to rest. As Darrin's mom on Bewitched used to say, I think I'm getting a "sick headache."

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Karla said...

I wrote my post before I really even started having a crappy day and now it's worse. I'm taking an extra long lunch today.