Monday, January 5, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

I can understand why there are so many songs about Mondays. There just seems to be something icky about this day. Even if I don't have to work, it's a gorgeous 85-degree Georgia day, I'm laying on the beach with my sugar by my side, I DON'T LIKE MONDAYS!
I feel bloated from the weekend. I have bags under my eyes. My face is broken out. I can't find anything I want to wear. I feel disorganized if I have to work. My house seems dirty from the weekend. My car is full of junk from the weekend. Everything's just a disheveled mess. Plus, this Monday, my house smells like onion and brocolli from all the soup I cooked yesterday! GAG!

I worked this morning in Buckhead. Traffic wasn't too bad, considering it was raining and it was the first day back to school for lots of the metro counties. You'll all be glad to know, the information I gave you yesterday that was too much, well, it's not a problem for me anymore. Just let me have to go to a fancy attorney office, and those type problems are no more! :-)
Oh, boy. It was definitely Monday for a Girl Named Kelly Kelly!

Does anyone know where I can get some motivation? I'll pay top dollar for it.


Karla said...

if you find the motivation let me know. Somedays it's too much of an effort to even put a bra on.

Theresa said...

Motivation, hmmmm, where would we find some of that:) I had enough trouble getting myself going today. The kids go back to school tomorrow and that helps get me out of the house. I spent the entire day working on my Christmas room and still didn't finish. Oh, fiddledeedee, tomorrow is another day. I bet we will all jump out of bed in the morning, jog down to the coffee pot and be SOOOOOO motivated. Ya think?