Thursday, January 8, 2009

What's in Your Purse?

Yeah, that's right. What's in your purse? Or pocketbook or tote or whatever you call the thing that you lug around with you everywhere you go. I'm desperately trying to downsize my pocketbook, which is really more like a small suitcase. I have carpal tunnel in both wrists and I just need to carry a lighter purse. When I'm out somewhere and I ask Jeff to carry my purse, even he can't believe how heavy it is. I've got to do something.

I have a serious fear of needing something and not having it in my pocketbook. Therefore, I tend to put everything but the kitchen sink in it. If I could put the kitchen sink in it, I believe I would. At least then I could wash my hands whenever I wanted, which would be quite often. As it is, I just carry a bottle of hand sanitizer. Which that dries my hands out, which forces me to carry a bottle of lotion. It just goes on and on.

When I was growing up, my Aunt Barbara carried the largest, heaviest pocketbook I had ever seen. Until mine. She had any and everything you could imagine in her pocketbook. She always had at least 20 pens. She even carried around a Ziploc bag full of quarters in case anyone ever got put in the hospital and she needed them for vending machines, pay phones, etc. I'm pretty sure I inherited this pocketbook phobia from her.

A couple of days after Christmas, when the stores were practically giving things away, I bought a new pocketbook. For those who know me, that was probably the last thing I needed. I have a lot of pocketbooks! It's the pocketbook on the left in the picture. The real big one. That thing can hold a small child. And it can get very heavy when I put everything in it that I wanted to carry. I got tired of digging through it looking for stuff and just tired of lugging it around. It was just too big, but I needed a big one to carry everything I wanted/needed to carry. So I'm now on a mission to cut back. Can y'all help me out here? What do you carry in your purse? I'll tell you what I carry in mine on a daily basis. I have my checkbook, a small camera, calendar, Blackberry, comb, nail file, nail clippers, makeup bag with at least three lip glosses, a couple of lipsticks, a compact, a blush, eyelash curlers, mascara, two Chapsticks (one for Jeff and one for me), a notepad, a pen, a pencil, sunglasses, business card case, two small pill holders (one for my RX and one for over-the-counter such as Advil and Vanquish), hand sanitizer, hand lotion, mints, wet wipes, a small wristlet for my insurance cards and frequent shopper cards. I don't see anything in that list that I can take out without having a panic attack. Do you? I'm so envious when I see ladies with these cute little purses with just a few things in them. And here I am with my small duffel bag full of junk.

So what I did was I dumped the contents of the big purse out and put them into the small purse on the right in the picture. Now the small purse is overstuffed and fat and also heavy. But at least it's cute.

I think I'll give the big purse to my Aunt Barbara. I think she still carries a sackful of quarters.


Karla said...

Here's where we differ, I hardly ever carry my purse. I usually just grab my wallet and phone and go. If I do carry my purse the only thing in it is my wallet, phone and keys.

Kelly said...

You northwestern girls are natural beauties. You don't have to carry all that makeup crap!

Joyce said...

OK....mine gets a bit heavy at times but the chiropractor I worked for years ago said purses are a major problem for women... just like back packs are for kids today. I carry 2 sets of keys (my car and my husbands car), a wallet, address book, calendar (which I never use), glasses, pen, dayquil, makeup (in case I get in a wreck and end up in the hospital... i need to look good), finger nail clippers, extra pills (in case I forget mine in the morning), gum (cuz a grandma ALWAYS carries gum), cell phone, 5 different lipsticks and a spare "ladies unmentionable... just in case". I guess that looks like alot.

Barbo said...

Hi Kell, I love your blog. I now carry water, yellow pages, a map and snacks in case i get caught out with children who are hungry, a flashlight, and more also i love the left side purse. For your wrist a temporary relief, get you some flexall, put it on at night with wrist band. Brenda says its my drugstore perfume. I love you and i look forward everyday for new blog. keep bloging

Kelly said...

Barbo is my aunt who I got my pocketbook phobia from! Can you tell?

Theresa said...

And then there's me! The Aunt with the smaller purse. I carry a wallet, checkbook, calendar, a cute little pink zippered lipstick case that Suzanne and you gave me for Christmas, nail file, breath mints, ink pen, eye drops, compact, a miniature bottle of Advil and hand lotion. But... I have everything that you would ever need in my car:) I could hang pictures or stuff goodie bags without ever having to go to the store. Yep, right in the back of my car. I have neosporin which I put on EVERYTHING, bandaids, extra socks, blankets, extra coats, hand warmers, scissors, a flashlight, tape, manicure kit, blank note cards and believe me that is not all. My shoulder hurts when I carry a big bag, so I just don't do it. Perhaps you should pack a bigger bag with a lot of the stuff you MIGHT need and leave it in the car. Or... a rolling cart:)

Crystal said...

As for me I am carrying a smaller purse than the one I had before it. The one before it was a small suitcase I believe!!! I do believe that the bigger the purse the more crap you try to stuff in it. I used to have all my bills, both last month and current month, why, I'm not quite sure, bottle of water, tylenol bottle, zantac bottle, wallet, every receipt that I could possibly need, tissues, make up bag with the essentials, two lip glosses, finger nail file, finger nail polish..etc, etc......I have now downsized to a much smaller one that I still cram too much crap in! I now carry my wallet, tylenol, zantac, hand sanitizer, lotion, fingernail file and if they will fit, my keys!!!
The best thing about Kelly's purse obsession is that she believes in hand-me-downs!!!!!

suzanne said...

I'll never be able to downsize from my mega-purse. Whoever decided the inside of a purse should be black never had to look for a ringing cell phone! The contents of my purse: flat wallet I got for Christmas, a Vera Bradley zippered bag for receipts, insurance cards, etc., a makeup bag crammed with a zillion lipsticks and 2 different bottles of eye drops, eyelash curlers, two bottles of prescription meds, a zippered coin purse, cell phone, nail file, small bottle of perfume that i never wear, three mirrors, keys, and a multi-tool. HA-HA! Who can beat that?????
I always did love Barb's purse, too! It's a Howell thing: BE PREPARED!!

Anonymous said...

Ok Kelly here goes!
Things in my purse:
big fat wallet
make up bag
2 cellphones
2 bottles of hand sanitizer
3 tubes of chapstick (one being new just in case!)
3 packs of tic tacs
7 ink pens
note pad
lint roller
3 checkbooks (1 mine other 2 Justins)
change purse
cough drops
reading glasses
picture book
3 bottles of hand lotion(2 with no scent and 1 with scent)
And I think that may be it!!!
WOW!!!! That is why I carry such a large bag!!! But you just never know what you or someone else may need! I really think that it is a HOWELL thing!!!

Jeff said...

Well here's the suprise comment, and yes I do have a pocketbook, or as some call it a man purse. First off, I don't like to carry anything in my pockets, therefore a pocketbook. Well here's what's in my pocketbook... sunglasses, candy - fire balls, Wintergreens, and Zotz, Neosporin lip theatment, golf tees (2), golf ball marker, computer floppy, 2 whistles, shoulder pad buckles (3), helmet screws, chinstrap buckles (2), 2 needles for a pump, nail file (2) because I don't like one of them, keys, sunscreen, 2 loose keys that I have no idea what they open, lighted key chain with no keys on it, key to the football assoc lawn mower which I haven't used in more than 6 years, front pocket wallet, nail clippers, pocket knife, and lastly a rock from Tybee Island beach kinda of a good luck rock. That's just what's in the top, now for what's in the bottom compartment. Check book, pens, any business cards or little pieces of paper with phone numbers on it, receipts, pictures (family), rolaids in a rolaid container, chapstick, eye drops, air sanitizer, train whistle, laser pointer, keys from football association, and a watch Kelly gave me before we got married for Christmas that hasn't worked (battery) for atleast 15 years. That's all, I don't go anywhere without my purse, never know when you might needs something. Also, I'm only a court reporters husband so don't kill me for the spelling and punctuation.