Saturday, January 31, 2009

Swimming Pools, Movie Stars

Well, errr, maybe not movie stars, but swimming pools nonetheless. The photo to the left is what our swimming pool looks like today, January 31, 2009. The photo below is what it looked like July 4, 2008 when we had my family from South Georgia up for a 4th of July party. I guess you could say the people in the picture below are the movie stars.

Anyway, we've got to replace our pool liner this
season. We've had the pool since 1996, so it's been a good one. I'm anxious to get it replaced because I don't like looking out the window and seeing my beautiful pool looking like that. Don't know how much it'll cost, but I'm sure it won't be cheap. Nothing for a pool ever is. We replaced the diving board last year and it was $300. I've been teasing the kids that I'm taking donations for a new liner. Reid's PLEDGED $10, and Eli has PLEDGED $50. Now, keep in mind these are PLEDGES. Oh, well, that's a start, right.

When I went out to make a picture of the pool, guess what I noticed? Yep, if you look closely, you can see tulips coming up! Some varmit has been munching on them a little, but they're trying their darndest to come up. Yaaay! It's gonna get really cold the first of the week, so that will set them back some, but at least there's the promise that Spring is on its way.

I LOVE to read, but lately haven't been enjoying it at all. It seemed like the words in the books were just so small and I would have to struggle so much to concentrate and follow the writing. One of my great pleasures was taken from me. :-( Tears. So . . . last night Jeff and I went to the drugstore and bought me some reading glasses. They're not too cute, but man, they're like a miracle. I told Jeff and Suz I just really can't believe how much better I can see close up with those things. I WILL be able to read my beloved books again! And I WILL get me some cute ones! These make me look like a librarian don't you think?

If you wondered where I was yesterday, I had a busy day and didn't have a chance to post. I had a bit of a "nervous stomach". I've had a big decision to make careerwise and it had me all tore up inside. Then I went and got a haircut and got my blonde back. Thank goodness for whoever invented haircolor. That person really does deserve his/her proper place in history. A haircut and color is always good for a girl's mood, don't y'all agree? Then I went to the funeral home to visit with Suz and Jason and Jason's family. My goodness, there were so many people and so many beautiful flowers. What a loved man his Papa was! I saw lots of pictures of him and they had a DVD made of a whole bunch of pictures. I watched the whole thing and there was only ONE picture of him that he didn't have a big ol' smile on his face. What a man! I wish I could have known him more than just Jason's Papa. I know I would've loved him, too.

My Sugar had to work last night. They had a HUGE go live on computer software at Emory and he had to go in last night at 10:00. It's almost noon and he's still not home. He's gonna be worn out for sure. Thank goodness the boys aren't here. He can sleep to his heart's content. I'm gonna try and get a ton of work done (Yeah, right) while he's asleep.

Hope y'all have a blessed Saturday filled with lots of love and laughter with those you love to laugh with. Keep praying for those that need our prayers. I don't know about you, but every day my prayer list gets longer and longer. Maybe you've got some tulips peeking out, too!

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Theresa said...

I missed your blog yesterday. It is important to us all:) I have never felt more a part of your life than I do now! Not sure how much a pool liner cost... but it is like buying toilet paper, gotta have it.

I think you look darned cute in your reading glasses with your blonde hair, honey please. A girl has gotta be able to see.

Jason's Papa was obviously quite a guy. The funeral was packed out and there were three preachers, all of them knew him well and had nothing but great things to say about him and the entire family. It was a beautiful sunny day for a funeral, a tad chilly, but a gorgeous day. Those Parks kids were too cute. Eli had on a little black suit and a flower on his lapel, Alayna was dressed like a little movie star with her hair wavy and Reid, well he is sooo handsome and taller that his Mama or getting close. They get their good looks honest!

Love you!