Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bored Outta My Gourd

Work, eat, sleep (or try to). Every day it seems like it's the same thing. I mean, the weekends are a little different, but the weekdays are just so boring. There's just nothing going on this time of year. Jeff's not coaching football right now, so he's probably bored, too. We're not big TV fans. We like to be outside doing stuff, but there's just not anything to do. I know I've said this a bunch already, but I'm really ready for spring and summer. I'm definitely a summertime kinda gal. I love the sun, the garden, the fresh veggies, the pool, staying outside till way after dark, all the great things that come with the summer. Heck, at this point, I'd even take the bugs.

Of course, there is something to be said for boredom, too. That means that everything in life is status quo. That's a good thing. I just need a little excitement, preferredly in a good way. A friend of mine just sent me an e-mail that she has a new granddaughter. Lucky her.

Shopping doesn't even excite me right now. I'm just bored. Any good ideas how to get un-bored? February will be better. Jeff's b'day is in February and we're going to Tybee for that. Then we're going to Jason's hunting land for our Annual Deer Land Camping Trip. Reid's b'day is in about a week, so I guess I can look forward to that. Other than that for January, that's it. January blows. Literally.

Mr. Sandman did pay me a nice visit last night. I had lunch with Suz at Cracker Barrel yesterday and bought this ointment that you rub on your temples and underneath your eyes and it was supposed to help you sleep. Well, I did sleep much better. I also took some of Theresa's relaxation tips. The only problem is that I want to sleep today, too. I've got so much work to catch up on, that's not gonna happen.

Happy Humpday!


suzanne said...

I love the new background!
Talk about bored outta your gourd; me, too. I asked Jason the other day, wonder what everyone else was doing with their time in the evenings? There's plenty I could do in the house, but it's just not interesting me much. Laundry, cook food, eat food, clean up food, sleep, bathe, blah, blah, blah. I love my life and family, but I could sure use some GOOD excitement right about now :0)

Theresa said...

Well... I get excited when you post a new blog:) This is just the time of year when Christmas is over and Spring is just around the corner. We'll call it "between"! My Camelia bush has blooms and that excites me! I get excited when the Braves start spring training and Autumn has Softball practice tonight. So, all that said is that not much excitement on Oak Hill either but excitement is just around the corner. Target has their bathing suits out:) which is both good and bad:( Speaking of excitement, did you let the "What Lady" know what a wonderful job you and Jeff did after she cleaned?

Karla said...

I've never been a fan of January for this reason. You come off of the excitement of the holidays and then there's nothing.

Joyce said...

My opinion is because you are SO busy during the holiday's and still in that gear...then they end but you haven't. So it forces you to slow down and just chill. It's not boredom... it's just chillin'! Enjoy it! Won't last! Hey, I love your new background too!

Crystal said...

I'm with you, there's nothing going on, however, that can also be good, I guess. I miss football practice and games however I'm not ready for baseball. Everything outside is so ugly and I feel pasty-looking, if that makes sense!

Letitia said...

My favorite month is January! Well, okay, one of my favorite months. Because it's a new beginning. it's an empty time when I can make progress on my goals. I'm excited about that.

Sounds like you don't have goals. You're waiting for something to happen, like a birthday to come. You've got to decide what you want and MAKE it happen. But what? What are your Elements of Interest? See for more on that.