Saturday, January 24, 2009

Update on Mike

Jeff called me and they are on their way home from Augusta. Mike was out of it most of the visit, just mubling and flailing his arms. He said he knew they were there and called each of them by name. His abdomen and legs and feet and everything are very swollen because they can't drain him anymore because of the risk of infection. He said there were a couple of times he thought Mike not make it through the visit. Hopefully, we can bring him home Monday. I just don't know what we're going to do. My heart is broken for my sweet husband and his family.

These pictures are taken from Christmas 1964 and our wedding day, July 11, 1987. In the Christmas one, Mike is the boy in the blue shirt holding onto his little brother, Jeff. Don's behind Mike and Ronnie is the tall one beside Don. That cute one beside Mike is P-Nut and the the cute little cowboy is Jeff.

In the July picture, Mike is the very handsome one on the right end. Oh, those happy days.


Theresa said...

Thanks for the update! I am glad they got to see him. We will pray for all of them. What a good-looking bunch of Kelly boys and proud parents.

Love you all!

suzanne said...

i'm so sad for them all. i hope he gets to come home :0(
such a cute group of little boys.

Joyce said...

I said a prayer for all of you!!! Especially Mike and his parents! Such a tough time for you all! Stay strong and lean on Him! I'll put them on my prayer list too!

jerry said...

Kell & Jeff I am so sorry to hear about Jeffs brother. I never knew him but knowing Jeff tells me he was great human being. If i can do anything and i mean anything please let me know. Please tell Jeffs parents the same. You and Jeff are like children to me. I love yall with all my heart. Love Barbo